‘The Tomorrow People’ Q&A: Peyton List On The New Ultra

With the war “over,” it appears The Tomorrow People will finally get to cut loose. Maybe.

Peyton List, who plays TTP leader Cara, revealed that despite a new and cuddlier outward facing Ultra, her character’s guard is still up, as the group heads out for some fun. And Stephen’s blossoming relationship with his Ultra partner, Hillary, will continue to get on Cara’s bad side as she deals not only with the jealousy that that came out in the last episode of The CW, but her concerns over what his swayed attention means for the group.

Peyton hinted at what to expect in a new Q&A with AccessHollywood.com.

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AccessHollywood.com: First things first — Simon Merrells’ character is named Bathory! Who came up with that? Have you guys figured that one out yet?
Peyton List: No, I have no idea. But he does actually have a first and last name, if you believe it, which is very confusing too because his daughter doesn’t go by his last name, so it’s always veiled in all the secrecy. But yeah, he’s always been The Founder.

Access: What does the back of Simon’s chair say on set? Do they change it?
Peyton: Do they switch out the chair backs? No. And you know what’s funny is it’s become such a common thing to call him The Founder, it’s almost too familiar to call him by his surname, so a lot of us still stick to The Founder, because it carries this weight to it and this gravity and it’s just, I don’t know, just saying The Founder is intimidating.

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Access: Last episode it seemed like Cara got a little jealous of Stephen’s relationship with Hillary. And the previews for this week’s episode hinted at more of that…
Peyton: That was so much fun to shoot. We had such a great time doing that. We so rarely have some of those jealous moments and Cara doesn’t always show her true feelings. She tries to put up a wall and have this very strong front, but you got to see her react a bit emotionally and a bit off the cuff and it was a cool thing to see. But it also has major implications for The Tomorrow People because not only is it the jealousy of maybe Stephen looking to somebody else for guidance or for unity and choosing somebody else to look after, but that means a lot to The Tomorrow People because Cara, and by de facto, Jon, represent The Tomorrow People in the subway station. If he’s sort of turning away from Cara, is he turning away from all The Tomorrow People? Stephen has been coming into his own more and more and making decisions more for what makes sense to him and not just what would be the best for The Tomorrow People because these guys are evil and these guys are good, and I’ve gotta pick the side of good. All the lines have gotten kind of blurred lately, so he’s really starting to think for himself make his decisions based on what he believes is right, not based on what Cara and John tell him is right.

Access: That’s true, because at the end of the day, The Tomorrow People need Stephen more than ever — especially because he was able to go see his dad recently.
Absolutely, and Ultra has become more complicated. It used to be simple. It used to be, ‘They are evil, they are bad, they need to be stopped, we have to find breakouts, protect them and keep them away from Ultra.’ Now it’s just, ‘Well, what is Ultra now? And who’s really calling the shots and who’s right and is it changing?’ For The Tomorrow People, not knowing is terrifying for them because you could be blindsided. It gets kind of complicated.

Access: When you live your life on the edge, you don’t know how to not live your life that way.
Peyton: The Tomorrow People sort of have that issue, especially Cara. She’s changed a lot in the course of this season and this year. Maybe she’s was a bit more willing to be trusting and let her hair down and that went horribly wrong, and especially since becoming leader, it’s just go, go, go, be prepared, be alert. Anything can go wrong at any time. So the concept of just taking a breath and being like, ‘Everything’s good. Let’s call it a day,’ and everything you know – your whole existence, isn’t important any more [is foreign to her].

Access: So can The Tomorrow People get out there and party, like the preview hinted, or could there be trouble?
We have to remember that we still have Jedekiah saying one thing, but not knowing if it’s true and he’s always still out there. We have this truce that we’re sort of existing in, but especially for Cara and for John and for The Tomorrow People that have sort of been in charge in the subway station, and have been there for years and years and years — they’re reluctant to believe everything they’re being told. But, you can’t not try. You’ve been fighting this war, searching for an end, so if you see one, you’re gonna have to try to believe it and take that road, but, always weary that it may not be what it seems.

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Access: You had the wrap party recently, it looks like it was fun for everyone involved. How was it?
Peyton: It was wonderful. It was so much fun. We got to see a gag reel of the season and it’s nice to be outside of work and take a moment and look back and see what you’ve done. We had to have it a little bit early because the schedule’s sort of been moved around for location purposes and stuff, so we kind of got to celebrate it, but.. we still had one week of work left, which is kind of nice. It’s kind of been great. We’ve been able to keep congregating for work and slowly saying goodbye to the season. Having a show that shoots in Vancouver and is written in LA, sometimes you feel the split and you feel the distance, so some of the writers came up and we were all together and it was really wonderful, just to like have everybody as one.

“The Tomorrow People” airs Monday night at 9/8c on The CW.

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