‘The Tomorrow People’: Robbie Amell Previews ‘Kill Switch’

The stakes are the highest they have ever been in The CW’s “The Tomorrow People.”

Those injections Ultra gave the various breakouts and Tomorrow People they’ve caught and released (or like Russell, who volunteered) aren’t a harmless way of being able to keep track of their super species. This week’s episode is titled “Kill Switch” for a reason as the serum is being used against the gang, putting anyone who has it in them, in peril.

Robbie Amell, who plays the powerful Stephen Jameson on the series, revealed to AccessHollywood.com, that the last episodes of the season are big, and will mean the end of several characters on the show. In a new interview, he set things up heading into Monday’s new episodes, and revealed whether The Founder survived the explosion, set off by Hillary.

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AccessHollywood.com: Can we clarify John’s [Luke Mitchell] status? Does he have powers? When they were injecting him last week, it looked like bad times for your buddy.
Robbie Amell: Yeah, it was like an exorcism. It looked like a horror movie. No, John has no powers. John is a human being now.

Access: That makes me so sad.
Yeah, but my character brings it up very quickly in [episode] 21 [airing on Monday]. We need to go on this mission and I mention, ‘Well, John’s only human,’ and he shuts it down very quickly. He may be human, but he can help. He’s not useless. And that’s very true, John can still kill, John is a badass fighter and for someone without powers, he holds his own against people with powers.

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Access: Hillary – should we assume that she is gone?
Oh yeah, her brains are splattered all over Ultra.

Access: Before the bomb went off, she kind of gave The Founder a little bit of a warning. So he certainly could have gotten out. Is The Founder dead?
No, the episode opens right where it ended. Our finale is really a three-part finale and it’s already started. [Last week’s] episode 20 leads into 21; 21 leads into 22, and you find out right away that The Founder did manage to survive the blast. He’s a little worse for wear, but he is very much alive. The nice thing is, he no longer has Hillary, his mole, bringing him information. So he has to figure out another way to stay a step ahead, because we’ve never seen The Founder on a level playing field against The Tomorrow People. He’s always had a slight edge, so he finds a loophole with the tracers he’s injected people with. Those might be a little more dangerous than he had led on, especially with the title of the episode being ‘Kill Switch.’

Access: In the trailer for this week’s episode, you can see that Ultra can use the tracers to kill Tomorrow People.
They can pretty much turn them off like a kill switch. They’ll drop dead, and that’s a really important thing because Russell has the tracer in his head and that’s gonna play a large part in Russell’s decisions in Episode 21 and 22. For Cara, John and Stephen, they’re up against the clock. They need to shut down this tracer system before they lose another friend. And Irene [Laura Slade Wiggins] is back in 21. Irene and Jedekiah are working together to try and find a way to genetically stop the tracers.

Access: It’s nice that Jedekiah ended up not being the bad guy in The Founder/Jedekiah setup.
Oh, you don’t know Jedekiah.

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Access: Can we at least say he’s better than The Founder?
Yes. The second you think you know Jedekiah, he like kills a baby or something and you’re like, ‘Woah. Woah. What?’

Access: Although maybe Mark Pellegrino is liking not wearing the suits. It looks like his clothes have been a bit more casual on the show, lately.
Yeah, doesn’t he look like a badass? … Rugged Jedekiah is a total badass.

Access: Can we bring the wigs back from the flashback a few weeks ago?
Oh my God. I wasn’t there when they were shooting the flashbacks with Jedekiah, The Founder and Roger, and when I saw The Founder’s wig, I almost fell out of my chair. Oh my goodness, it looked like something out of ‘Austin Powers.’

Access: Luke told me people were trying them on and taking pictures.
Yeah, they were ridiculous and Simon, who plays The Founder — and Simon is incredible, he’s one of my favorite actors on the show, and I was huge fan of his. He was Marcus Crassus in Spartacus. He is so self- conscious about the wig. He was watching the episode, like, ‘Mate, it doesn’t look that bad, does it?’ And [I said,] ‘Ahhhhh, no.’ … I think somebody created a Twitter account for The Founder’s wig or something.

Access: Who is Stephen as the episode begins? He did just watch his traitor girlfriend, who did really love him, kill herself.
It’s a really hard position to be in, mentally. It’s one of those things where this person who I started off fighting with and then developing this connection with and really being the person I needed for the past four episodes, finding out that they may have been playing me the entire time and betrayed me… there was nothing but hate there. Of course there was obviously this emotional connection that was deeper than that, but you can hate someone you love. … When he found she was going to kill herself, it turned from hate to fear because he’s going to lose the one person that’s been there for him and he gets there and he can’t stop it. She does blow herself up and sacrifices herself for him and The Tomorrow People, which just adds another level to how he’s feeling. Maybe she did really love him. There must have been something there for her to make that turn. My character’s in his own head for the first bit of [episode] 21 and then, with all the other people that start dying in [episodes] 21 and 22, he almost doesn’t have time to really mourn the loss of Hillary, so he’ s just got to put that emotion aside and get to work. But there are five deaths over the next two episodes.

Access: So should we retitle this ‘The Tomorrow People: Game of Thrones Edition’?
Yeah. By the end of the season it might just be called ‘The Tomorrow Person.’

“The Tomorrow People” continues Monday at 9/8c on The CW.

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