The Tomorrow People‘s Robbie Amell Gears Up For Amell Wednesdays

Robbie Amell is The CW’s newest leading man, heading up “The Tomorrow People,” which premieres next Wednesday night, following the Season 2 debut of cousin Stephen Amell’s show, “Arrow.”

“It’s wild,” Robbie said on “The Tomorrow People” set when Warner Bros. flew Access Hollywood up to the Vancouver set, where they made us their guests during a press set visit. “People have asked me if I’m nervous about the premiere. Last time someone asked me was like a month ago, and I was like, ‘No, but a week before I will be.’ I’m not so much nervous as I’m just very excited.

“I really hope the show does well,” Robbie said about his drama, which airs during the second half of what the network is dubbing “Amell Wednesdays” on The CW. “I’m very proud of it, and I would like to do it for the next six years. So, we’ll see, but Stephen’s [Robbie’s cousin] been great. I hung out with him on Sunday, we watched some football together and, you know, he’s prepping for his baby to come into the world so he’s not too nervous about [his] Season 2 premiere.”

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In “The Tomorrow People,” Robbie plays a character named Stephen, a high school student who finds out that the things he thought were a mental disorder are real and he has special abilities. Like others, including a young man named John, Stephen can do things like teleport.

On set on Thursday, Robbie explained why he wanted to step into Stephen’s shoes for the show.

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“I first auditioned for John and I wished that I was auditioning for Stephen because I had read the script and I just related much more to that character,” Robbie said. “I like [the] origin story of… this kid, very normal kid, used to have a good life and a great family and friends and then everything was pretty much stripped from him and he doesn’t know why or what’s going on, so it seemed like a really fun character to start from scratch and go on this incredible journey and finding out he has superpowers and living in this incredible world while still staying grounded and being a normal kid and finding my way through it.”

“The Tomorrow People” premieres Wednesday, October 9 at 9/8c on The CW.

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