‘The Vampire Diaries’: Candice Accola On Caroline’s Road Trip

Caroline Forbes is about to hit the road with Enzo in search of Stefan Salvatore’s doppelganger on Thursday’s “The Vampire Diaries.”

“It’s a very fun road trip between Caroline and Enzo,” Candice Accola told AccessHollywood.com. “There’s really great chemistry that the writers put on the page and that I think Michael Malarkey and I have had a really good time playing out.

“He’s just been such a great addition to the series,” she said of her new co-star, who made his debut earlier this season. “We’ve always been really lucky with whoever comes to work on the show, that they’ve just brought a new energy and him in particular, he’s just really made Atlanta [a] new home… and so the whole cast has been really excited to have him and it’s been a great joy to work with him.”

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There have already been some sparks (well, to be fair, verbal sparring) between Caroline and the formerly imprisoned Enzo, but don’t expect their journey in this week’s episode to lead to romance.

“I think that the witty banter between both of these characters [is] really fun. … Already what I think I’ve seen through Twitterverse, is that it’s kind of a little reminiscent to the banter between Caroline and Klaus,” Candice said. “There’s nothing necessarily dramatic on this road trip between these two characters romantically. I think it’s just a new kind of witty banter that gets the blood boiling a little bit for these characters.

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“It makes sense why Enzo would be such good friends with Damon,” Candice added. “He’s kind of got that a little bit snarky, a little bit know it all cadence to his banter that is a little reminiscent to Damon as well, so I think that’s really fun to have Caroline and him sparring a little bit. I also love that… in last week’s episode, when Caroline made her little comment to him, and Enzo came back with, ‘Well, Damon said you had a thing for accents,’ I thought that was really funny and I really enjoyed that the writers put that line in.”

Through the road trip, fans will get to know more about Enzo, beyond the years he spent chained up, and experimented on alongside Damon.

“Yes, over the next few episode, the viewers are going to get a great opportunity to get to know Enzo better, and Caroline will be part of bringing that out of him,” Candice said.

Candice hinted that the unraveling of Enzo’s story should be an enjoyable ride for fans of the show.

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“He’s just this new piece of history that is attached to Damon and these characters are slowly figuring out why he is in Mystic Falls; why he’s so interested in helping everyone else; why he’s still with Damon; what is his place in their environment, in their home and I think that that’s something that the audience, the viewers will enjoy learning about in weeks to come,” she said.

But the whole purpose of their trip relates to the deal Caroline made with traveler Sloan – she has to kill the third Silas doppelganger.

“His name is Tom, he lives in Atlanta,” Candice said. “We’re gonna get to know him just a little bit in this episode and learn more about the mythology of the doppelgangers and why these characters need to find Tom and what that will bring, what that will help them achieve.”

“The Vampire Diaries” airs Thursday at 8/7c on The CW.

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