The Voice: Michelle Chamuel On Being In The Final 5, Finding Her Confidence

Michelle Chamuel is one of the final five artists on NBC’s “The Voice,” and while things are hectic preparing for the semi-final round, she’s enjoying the ride.

“It’s been a whirlwind. I feel crazy, but very excited to be here, doing all this, learning all of these things and still representing Team Usher,” Michelle told a small group of journalists on Friday as she took a break from doing some studio recordings.

Michelle is proud to be on Team Usher, and when asked during the roundtable about his hands-on approach as a coach, she said they have a very collaborative working relationship.

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“Yeah, he’s very hands on, but in a way that’s not overbearing,” she said. “It’s very much like, ‘OK, we’re gonna assess the crap out of this and pick the best possible way to step forward. So he’s sitting there going through all the variables… and I don’t have to go through all that with him, so it doesn’t overwhelm me. He’ll come up with the best couple of things and be like, ‘How ‘bout this?’ And I’ll… counter with something else. And he’ll be like, ‘OK, cool. I hear that.’ So he does all this computing in his own genius head and then, it’s like a compromise in what we end up doing.”

There’s no doubt that she has confidence in the recording studio, and when Access asked where that came from – the ability to speak up and address her own ideas with her coach — Michelle said it came from years of not knowing how to speak up for herself properly.

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“I’ve been in a band for five years; it was a democratic band at one point with seven people. So there was a time where I did not speak up, and I did not know what I wanted… but I’ve always been someone who has really visceral reactions, so I’d be in rehearsal and I’d start to feel myself like shaking and I didn’t know what was happening,” Michelle explained of what would happen when she didn’t speak her mind in previous situations.

“All of a sudden I’d snap or it’d just be really not good communication on my part,” she continued.

Michelle said there used to be times where she didn’t speak up, and it took the joy out of music for her.

“It got to that point where someone [would] be like, ‘Do it this way.’ … [I would] be like, ‘Cool. Yeah.’ But later on [I would wonder], ‘Why do I not wanna sing this song anymore? Why is the joy gone?’” Michelle said. “So now, I’m trying to take more responsibility for my own happiness, and if someone says, ‘Hey! We think you should wear these boots with heels on the…,’ and I’m like, ‘Well… I would not like to do that.’”

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Michelle added that she’s happy that Usher totally gets her.

“In his coaching style, he has the insight with what works best for me because he’s taken that time to like, evaluate the situation and figure out who I am,” she said. “It’s a testament to him, as well, to be able to partner up or, let me have that space. You know?”

Catch Michelle and the rest of the Top 5 on “The Voice,” airing Monday night at 8/7c on NBC.

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