The Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln Hints At Major Intensity, Drama In Season 3

As Rick Grimes, Andrew Lincoln told his band of survivors it was no longer a “democracy” on the Season 2 finale of “The Walking Dead,” and it appears they’ll be able to move ahead without any immediate power struggles when the drama returns this fall to AMC.

“I think he was sick and tired of people moaning and groaning and he was just laying down the law,” the British actor told at Hyundai Undead: “The Walking Dead” 100th Issue black carpet event at Petco Park during Comic-Con 2012.

“When we meet the gang in Season 3, I think that [the] key point is they are the tightest unit,” he continued. “They’re a family and he’s proved himself – Rick — and they realize, without him, they would be dead. So, it really doesn’t come into play so much at the beginning of Season 3, because it’s just understood – ‘Deal with it!’ ‘It’s my way or the highway.’”

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A trailer for Season 3, which returns to AMC Sunday, October 14 at 9/8c, premiered at this year’s Comic-Con showing Rick and his gang taking over a prison and ridding it of zombies as they fought in an outward circle formation.

The clip was just a sneak peek at the action Andrew told Access is coming to the zombie-fueled survivalist drama as it gets even bigger.

“The intensity of the show, the pace, the action sequences, but also the emotional drive, is very much being dragged into it as well,” he said. “You find these people at probably their lowest ebb and they’re desperate and the pressure is certainly on them.”

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Filming the show has also taken its toll on Andrew, who said his wife called the set worried about her husband, recently.

“I have an axe in my hands [in a scene] and something happens. I’d been filming for 14 hours straight that day and it was a really intense day, and my wife called set ‘cause she was worried,” Andrew said of the particularly full-on day of shooting. “One of the guys came on set and said, ‘Your wife’s asking you to stay close by set because she’s worried about you driving home!’

“I did this scene and I couldn’t sleep for two and a half hours, I was so wired. And it was largely down to the fact that I had an axe in my hand,” Andrew hinted.

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“The Walking Dead” was a hit with viewers during its second season, with more than 8 million tuning in each week, an impressive ratings accomplishment not lost on the actors.

“It’s beyond our wildest dreams… After doing press with Norman [Reedus] and Sarah [Wayne Callies] and a few of the gang [we went back to the hotel and] sat there watching the sun go down, and we just went, ‘Is this really happening?’ It really does feel like this extraordinary dream sometimes, because I just love playing this guy and I love everybody I work with and we give everything we’ve got, every single day,” Andrew told Access. “It’s wild and it just seems to have caught people’s imaginations and it doesn’t always happen that way. I’ve been in things that you think, ‘This is it; this is the greatest script; this is the greatest director; this is the greatest cast,’ and it just doesn’t catch fire the way this has. It’s just a dream job.”

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