The Walking Dead: Creator Robert Kirkman On Rick’s Faceoff With The Governor, Newcomer Tyreese

The wait for the return of “The Walking Dead” is almost over and creator Robert Kirkman said more of the shocking moments the show has impressed audiences with in the first half of Season 3 (Hershel’s leg, The Governor losing an eye) are on the way.

“There’s always another level,” Kirkman told earlier this week before “An Evening with The Walking Dead” event, presented by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences in North Hollywood. “I think that we always are mindful of being able to top certain things that we’ve done and I think we’ve got a lot of really cool stuff planned… There’s quite a bit ahead that I think is going to qualify as a ‘jaw-dropping moment.’”

As previews on the AMC site have already revealed, a faceoff between David Morrissey’s The Governor and Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes is coming, and Kirkman promised it won’t disappoint.

“That’s going to be a huge moment coming up in our second half. It’s happening probably sooner rather than later… and it really is the crux in this last half of the season that sets everything in motion,” he said. “I think seeing those two face to face is going to be a pretty big moment for our audience.”
One character that could help the deteriorating Rick, who is now more prone to act first, and ask questions later, is Tyreese, who was introduced at the tail end of 2012. For fans who haven’t been reading Kirkman’s graphic novels, the creator said he is a good guy.

“We’ve seen a lot of characters – The Governor and even Rick to a certain extent — are losing their humanity in this world and Tyreese is a character who has somehow been able to maintain that,” Kirkman told Access. “He’s a good natured, good at heart guy, who is really not gonna fit in well in this world, so we’re gonna have a lot of fun exploring that.”

One thing that has only been hinted at so far is the chemistry between Daryl Dixon and Carol and should the crossbow slinging, squirrel-eating Daryl make it out of Woodbury alive, romance could come up in some way (although it doesn’t sound like it will happen this season, or necessarily with Carol).

“Stay tuned,” Kirkman said. “It’s not completely out of the realm of possibility,” he said when Access asked about the potential for love to blossom between the pair.

“I will say that we’ll see some stuff like that for Daryl at some point,” he added.

For more with Kirkman, including his answer to being asked about the rumor that a character from Season 1 will return, click HERE to watch our red carpet interview with the creator.

-- Jolie Lash

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