The Walking Dead: David Morrissey Talks Season 4, His Teenage Son’s Zombie Request

David Morrissey found himself becoming the cool dad when he joined “The Walking Dead’s” third season, and despite his character, The Governor, heading to crazy town as the season ended, the Brit said he’s still in the good books with his teenage son.

“He had a few questions for me,” David laughed, when he spoke with Access Hollywood recently at the Hyundai and Skybound presents “The Walking Dead” 10th Anniversary Celebration event at Comic-Con 2013, referring to what his son thought of The Governor’s breakdown that saw him take out many of his Woodbury populace.

“He still loves the show,” the actor continued. “And he’s buzzed about Season 4 as well. I’m still cool in his eyes — even after that.”

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David said his son is hoping to head to Peachtree City, near Atlanta, Ga., where the show is filmed, to see dad on set. And, his teen has a request.

“I think he wants to be a zombie as well so we’re gonna see [if we can] try and make that happen,” David said.

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As for hints about Season 4, David said The Governor will continue to battle his demons.

“I think you saw at the end of Season 3 that everything just shut down for him,” David said. “He was just in trauma really. He felt betrayed by the populace, but I think you saw the switch going down. … Now, in Season 4 it’s all about that switch — whether he can control that switch or not.”

The British actor said this season should continue to impress fans when it returns to AMC this October.

“I’m amazed by this season… I read [the scripts] and I think, ‘How are they gonna do that? That’s phenomenal’. And then you get on the set and [Executive Producer] Greg Nicotero and his team just create it,” he said.

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“The Walking Dead” returns to AMC on October 13.

-- Jolie Lash

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