The Walking Dead: Lennie James Returns As Morgan

On Sunday night’s “The Walking Dead,” the show brought back a familiar and much beloved face from Season 1 — Lennie James’ Morgan.

While on a supply and gun run back to his hometown, Rick (who was accompanied by son Carl and Michonne) ran into his old friend, who in Season 1 had explained to the out-of-a-coma cop how to live in a zombie-infested world.

The meet up, though, was not a cuddly reunion. Morgan began shooting at the trio from atop a building, and wasn’t stopped until Carl shot him in the chest (luckily he was wearing a bullet-proof vest). But, the new Morgan was a scarred man, highly strung, who ended up stabbing Rick, and lived in a booby-trap infested home, with a sole mission in life – ridding the town of zombies.

“Getting into the head of Morgan this time around was – let me tell you — it was a lot harder than the first time around,” Lennie said, in an interview for AMC, broadcast during Sunday night’s “Talking Dead.” “The first time around it was very linear and clear. This time around it’s like jumping into a sack full of monkeys. It’s just crazy.”

Fans were thrilled by the reunion and the episode (titled “Clear”), which was actually written by Scott Gimple, “The Walking Dead’s” recently announced showrunner for Season 4 (he replaces Glen Mazzara).

“Thanks for the kind words, people,” Scott Tweeted on Sunday night. “I feel very lucky to be able to do stuff like this with very talented folks for very cool viewers.”

But is that the last fans will see of Morgan?

Lennie said in an interview with MTV, he was open to returning.

“If they want me, if they offer something as juicy as what was offered on this particular episode, then I’d seriously consider [returning],” he said. “I enjoy my time on ‘Walking Dead.’ There are very few shows, almost no shows out there like it. I’ve really liked my time in Atlanta and my time working with Andy Lincoln. If all of those things match up again, then why not?”

At the Independent Spirit Awards earlier this month, Lennie told Access Hollywood how much he enjoyed being a part of the show during its first season. (Click HERE to watch Lennie James talk about “The Walking Dead” with Access.)

“I loved it and part of the reason why I loved it, it was… not to be too pretentious about it, but it was like a dream come true,” he told Access. “I got to work with [Season 1 showrunner, who developed ‘TWD’ for AMC] Frank Darabont. He made one of my favorite films of all time and he’s a great guy to work with and we had an hour and a half which felt like a movie, and it wasn’t a huge amount of people apart from the zombies. It was me and Andrew Lincoln for most of it. It was gorgeous, I loved it.”

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