‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 10 - ‘Inmates’

With Rick and Carl having connected with Michonne at the end of last week’s episode, it was time to see what happened to the rest of the gang on Sunday night’s episode of “The Walking Dead.”

Daryl Dixon & Beth Greene Start Tracking: Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene obviously made it out of the prison attack alive, but so far, it’s just the two of them and some hungry walkers in their patch of the woods. Daryl was down in the dumps after watching the community he was a leader in get destroyed, but Beth wouldn’t let him assume all was lost. Channeling her late father, Hershel, she kick-started their next adventure by encouraging Daryl to stay hopeful and track (with the hopes of finding) their friends.

Baby Judith Is Alive (No Thanks To Lizzie)!: Surprise! Not only is Rick Grimes’ little one alive, but she’s in the loving arms of Tyreese, who, on Sunday night, was also looking after Mika and pre-teen terror Lizzie. Staying hidden from walkers proved to be a tough task with a hungry baby with dirty diapers, and it forced the foursome to lose a little sleep as they moved camp. The next day in the woods, Tyreese left Mika and Lizzie to look after baby Judith so he could run and help someone whose screams he heard from afar. While Tyreese tried to (unsuccessfully) help an unknown father and son, Lizzie tried to suffocate (also unsuccessfully) the crying tot.

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Carol’s Back!: As Tyreese put an end to the small herd of walkers that attacked the man and his son, he heard his name called and turned around to see Carol holding baby Judith in one arm, Mika and Lizzie in front of her. Rick never got a chance to tell Tyreese that it was Carol who killed his girlfriend, Karen, so their reunion was a happy one. Before Carol explained why she wasn’t at the prison during the attack, the dying man informed the group that there is a place up the tracks. “It’s safe. You can take the children there,” he said. Later, Carol told Tyreese that she wasn’t around during the siege because she hadn’t returned from the supply run she went on with Rick a while back. But, she did see Tyreese and the girls running into the woods at the end of it. “You found us,” a happy little Lizzie told Carol. “I knew you would.”

Maggie, Bob & Sasha Find Devastation: Sasha and an injured Bob followed Maggie down the road in her search for Glenn. A while later, they stumbled upon the school bus Maggie had put Glenn on during the prison attack. Now, though, the bus wasn’t filled with friends, but with biters. With help from Sasha and Bob, Maggie took down the walkers one by one in a search to see if her love had turned into a biter. He was nowhere to be found.

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Glenn Is Alive… And At The Prison!: Glenn never left the prison. He woke up on what was left of a bridge, with walkers trying to reach him from the ground below. Crushed to see he was alone and the prison grounds overrun with walkers, Glenn went back to the empty cell he shared with Maggie and tried to go to sleep. When that didn’t work, he opened his eyes, only to spot the Polaroid he took of her in happier times. It inspired him to suit up in guards’ armor and make his way out. After a Herculean effort getting through a cluster of walkers, Glenn spotted Tara (from Brian/The Governor’s camp) sitting in a prison garden. She admitted she was part of the attack, but Glenn didn’t care. He told Tara he wanted to use her to help him find Maggie, whom he described as his “wife.”

The pair made their way out of the prison, by covering each other. After dealing with a handful of walkers outside the gate, a still weak Glenn (from the flu he got in the first part of Season 4) collapsed and Tara took the rest of the walkers out underneath the watchful eye of some people in a truck.

New Faces Make Their Debut: “Hope you enjoyed the show, a**hole,” Tara shouted at the people in the army truck. “You got a damn mouth on you, you know that?” a redheaded man (who comic book fans will recognize as Sgt. Abraham Ford, flanked by Dr. Eugene Porter and Rosita) replied. “What else you got?”

“The Walking Dead” continues Sunday at 9 PM ET/PT on AMC.

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