The Walking Dead’s David Morrissey On What Fans Send Him

David Morrissey may play a terrifying and manipulative character on AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” but the fans love him and show their appreciation for his work as The Governor in an artistic fashion.

“I get a lot of fan art. So I get a lot of drawings and a lot of like… weird photographs. [Around] about Halloween I got lots of photographs of people who had dressed up as me, with various degrees of success, I have to say,” David told, when we interviewed him in mid-November. “But the art I get… some of it, I have to say, is brilliant. And I get sent pictures, which are of a standard that I can’t believe and I’m very proud to get them. There’s some great illustrators out there.”

As fans of the series know, Norman Reedus (who plays Daryl Dixon) famously received a used breast implant from one admirer, but David admits the things he’s been sent haven’t been as unusual.

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“I’ve not had fake boobs. No, not that,” he laughed.

“Norman’s trailer is like this very weird place where he keeps it all. … He keeps it out on the table there and it’s quite a trip,” David added.

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One fan of the show is David’s teenage son. During San Diego Comic-Con earlier this year, David told Access that his son was interested in joining him on set as a walker. But, don’t look for another member of the Morrissey family in the background in this weekend’s mid-season finale, or in future episodes of “The Walking Dead.”

“No, it didn’t happen because he suddenly just went, ‘You know what?’ and sort of got into rock festivals and things like that,” David said. “I was like, ‘Well, hang on a minute. I thought you wanted to come down here and put on four hours’ worth of makeup?’ And he was like, ‘I’d rather go and see The National.’ I think he was off seeing Mos Def and things. So no, he didn’t make it this season unfortunately. Maybe next season.”

“The Walking Dead” mid-season finale airs Sunday at 9 PM ET/PT on AMC.

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