The White Queen Sneak Peek — Edward IV Meets His Newborn Son (Exclusive)

Things have been tough for York King Edward IV on the Starz miniseries “The White Queen,” but there’s a little joy for the monarch played by Max Irons in this sneak peek at Saturday’s all new episode.

Not only is he reunited with his sanctuary-dwelling “White Queen” – Elizabeth Woodville (played by Rebecca Ferguson) – but he gets to see his baby son for the first time.

But, the family’s reunion is short lived as Edward has another battle to take on against Lord Warwick in the War of the Roses.

WATCH IT NOW: ‘The White Queen’ Exclusive Sneak Peek — Edward Meets His Newborn Son Before Heading Off To Battle

In a recent interview with, Max said he did quite a bit of research to step into the roles of the English monarch.

“I did actually and the reason for that is, we’re used to seeing our Kings in these ridiculous paintings wearing these ridiculous costumes up on the wall of some building, but you look into them and Edward in particular, he wasn’t born king, he took that responsibility,” he told Access. “And he was a young guy, in many respects very normal, sort of reckless… naive at times, but he was also incredibly bright and militarily very capable, but he just inherited a huge amount of responsibility and was just doing the best that he could, which turned out to be very, very good.”

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“The White Queen” airs Saturday nights at 9 PM on Starz.

-- Jolie Lash

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