The X Factor: How Does Demi Lovato Steer Clear Of Bullying While Giving Criticism?

Demi Lovato has spoken out about her painful past experiences being bullied, so how does the 20-year-old pop star dole out constructive criticism to contestants on “The X Factor” without being hurtfully harsh?

“Ultimately I have a really good sense of what’s bullying and what’s just being critical, so I don’t really worry about it,” Demi told Access Hollywood of her “X Factor” judging style, after speaking about bullying at The Young Women’s Leadership School in East Harlem on Thursday. “I do have to really watch myself though sometimes because some of things that I say could be interpreted in a different way – especially by that person if that’s all they’re hearing.”

Beyond talk of bullying, Demi recently opted for bangs and the former Disney darling said she enjoys channeling her creative urges into her ‘do.

“I play with my hair so much. I joke around that it’s the only way that I really can express my impulsiveness and my rebellion,” she said. “My life is so drama-free now – which is amazing and I’m so excited about it – but yeah, I do like to have fun and experiment with my hair and make rash decisions like bangs when I want to have bangs that day!”

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