Tiger Woods’ Alleged Mistress Jamie Jungers: Prostitution Claims ‘100 Percent False’

Jamie Jungers is hitting back at insinuations she was a paid mistress of Tiger Woods.

Jungers shot down claims she was paid to have sex with the golf star in a new interview set to air at 9 PM on NBC’s “Dateline” on Friday.

“Would you refute these insinuations that you were in that line of work?” Jungers was asked.

“Absolutely. And if I have to, I mean, I’m obviously gonna bring my lawyer into this and make sure that whoever is making these accusations will pay for it, because that’s — 100 percent false,” she told “Dateline.” “I have nothing to do with prostitution and never have, never will.”

In an interview with Access Hollywood, former Hollywood madam Michelle Braun claimed two of her employees – Holly Sampson, a porn actress, and Jungers, from Las Vegas, were paid escorts of the golfer’s.

“It wasn’t until Holly Sampson and Jamie Jungers’ [names] were released that I recognized any of the names,” Braun alleged in an interview with Access’ Shaun Robinson.

“You’re saying that some of these women that we’re seeing are paid prostitutes?” Robinson asked.

“Right. They’re paid escorts,” Braun claimed.

Braun, one of the most notorious madams in history, claimed to have been the employer of Sampson and Jungers.

Neither woman was available for comment on the allegation when contacted by Access on Thursday.

So what proof does Braun claim to have that the women actually worked for her?

“I’ve got e-mails referencing them from clients and 1099 [forms]. They were filed with IRS,” she added.

Braun added that she knows there are more alleged mistresses out there.

“I would say about a half dozen more,” she revealed.

“You know of at least six other girls who have slept with Tiger and who were paid to be in his company?” Shaun asked her.

“Yes,” Braun claimed.

As previously reported on AccessHollywood.com, Sampson claimed that she had a sexual relationship with Woods. However, she says it was before he was married to Elin Nordegren.

As for Jungers, in clips made available from “Dateline” late Thursday night, she claimed her relationship with Woods happened during his marriage to Nordegren.

“Over how many years or months did this relationship take place?” Jungers was asked.

“Almost two years,” Jungers answered.

“So after he was married?” she was asked.

“Yes,” Jungers confirmed.

In addition, Jungers said she believed she was in love with Woods.

“It was way more than sex,” she said. “It was very… it was very emotional. I mean, we had… I felt like we had a lot… or I had a lot of feelings towards him. And he showed me that he had a lot of feelings towards me. It wasn’t just a sexual situation, it was… I believe, it…it was love. I loved him. I still love him.”

While Jungers said she will always have a place in her heart for the sports star, she said revelations of his alleged affairs have stung.

“I definitely look at him a lot differently after hearing about all the other girls,” she said. “And I really don’t know what to think about Tiger… I hope for his sake and for his family’s sake that things work out for him.”

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