Tobey Maguire: A ‘Dancing’ Spider-Man?

Even though he’s best known as “Spider-Man,” Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson found out in her latest interview that Tobey is also fine with being called family man.

Or maybe even song-and-dance man?

“Poor Peter Parker, the dude gets jacked up in this movie Tobey,” Shaun laughed.

“I know. I know. I have to be manly and just say it’s all good,” Tobey smiled.

And it wasn’t just the fight scenes that got to Tobey. He also had a few highly secretive dance moves for the latest chapter in the web-slinging franchise.

“We had fun. That was great,” Tobey said of his “Spider” steps.

“You could go on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ now,” Shaun suggested.

“Not a bad idea,” Toby admitted. “Interesting.”

“I think you could. You’re certainly better than Clyde Drexler,” Shaun joked.

“Well? thanks,” he grinned.

Sadly, “Dancing With the Stars” will have to wait as Tobey is in the midst of a worldwide travel schedule.

“I’m going to show you a number,” Shaun said holding up a sign with the figure 26,698. “This is the number of frequent flier miles you will have at the end of promoting this movie.”

“That’s funny,” Tobey said. “Did you guys really figure that out?”

Indeed, we did.

So where is Tobey off to next?

“Tomorrow I leave to go to London, Rome, Paris and then Berlin, Moscow, back to Paris, then to New York and back to LA. I’ll be back in a week-and-a-half,” he sighed.

Catch Tobey in “Spider-Man 3” when it hits theaters May 4.

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