Tom Cruise Roars Back To Red Carpet for ‘Lions For Lambs’ Premiere

Tom Cruise attended the premiere of “Lions For Lambs,” his first film since joining the newly resurrected United Artists mini-studio as a producer.

Tom spoke with Access Hollywood’s, Tony Potts about working with director Robert Redford.

“I have studied his career, he is, you know… he is a true legend. He is a true vanguard in cinema. So for me, to be able to have the opportunity to work with him, particularly with the scenes with Meryl — as an actor, you go, ‘Oh this is the sweet part of the bat,‘” Tom said.

“Lions For Lambs” is United Artists’ first film release since Tom and Paula Wagner took over the reigns of the legendary studio.

“It’s a nice moment, particularly this kind of picture to start out with. I feel really excited about it,” Tom said.

He found working with his co-stars, Meryl Streep and Robert Redford, to be an exhilarating battle of words on the big screen.

“What starts out as a conversation ends up in a duel. To have that duel, I mean… I remember having a duel with Nicholson in ‘A Few Good Men.‘ With this picture… to have that kind of battle with Meryl is fun. That is the kind of characters you want to play with,” he said.

Tom feels Robert has created a film that will withstand the test of time.

“You look at where we are in society today, and I would be interested to look at this picture 5 years from now. There is really no other director that can deliver it the way that he does,” Tom said of the legendary actor/director.

Tom attended the premiere with his wife, Katie Holmes. Katie is reportedly just days away from running in a marathon.

Tom and Katie’s good friends, Will Smith and David Beckham, also attended the huge premiere.

Will Smith told Access that he and Tom always try to remember the fans.

“There is a connection that we have with people that has to be maintained, that has to be serviced and that has to be reciprocated. A lot of people forget the important of the fans,” said Smith.

“Lions For Lambs” opens on November 9.

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