Tom Cruise Shares Tips For ‘Edge Of Tomorrow’ International Premiere Tour

Tom Cruise is making an international splash with the premiere of his film “Edge of Tomorrow,” taking it to three cities in one day.

And at his London stop, the first on a journey that hit Paris early Wednesday morning and will hit New York City on Wednesday night, Tom explained how he planned to get through it all.

“The thing about it is, don’t think a lot. Just go,” Tom told Access Hollywood guest correspondent Tim Vincent at his first “Edge of Tomorrow” premiere on May 28.

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“You just go. That’s the important thing. No matter what happens, just keep going,” Tom said.

Emily Blunt, Tom’s “Edge of Tomorrow” love interest and co-star had her own tips for getting through the three-stop premiere tour.

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“I think you’ve got to take a little nap on the plane, just a small power nap from Paris to New York. That’ll be my tip,” Emily said. “I have really ugly pajamas to wear on the plane.”

In the sci-fi thriller, Tom plays Lt. Col. Bill Cage, who dies while fighting aliens called Mimics, but something happens that allows Tom’s character to relive the same day over and over, but each time retaining the knowledge of what happened before. And, he has help along the way with Special Forces officer Rita Vrataski, played by Emily.

The movie isn’t just about the survival of humans. There’s a love story too between Bill and Rita.

“It’s a very unusual love story,” Emily told Tim. “It’s not conventional. [It] kind of slowly unravels.”

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“Edge of Tomorrow” hits theaters on June 6.

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