Tom’s ‘Da Vinci’ Hair History

Tom Hanks got a standing ovation going into the theater at the world premiere of “The Da Vinci Code” in Cannes.

The big question, though, is would the film get a standing ovation when it was over?

An excited Ron Howard said “it was thrilling” just minutes after his “Da Vinci” film made its world debut to mixed reviews.

“It is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Ron told Access.

“Da Vinci’s” star, Tom Hanks, and wife Rita Wilson looked happy as they left the Cannes premiere screening along with the rest of the cast.

“I haven’t read the reviews,” said Sir Ian McKellen — who plays Sir Leigh Teabing. “I’ve only just seen the film for goodness sakes. Anyway, I don’t attend to critics. I listen to audience.”

The cast headed to the beach for the post-premiere bash, where a “Da Vinci” pyramid, replicating the famous glass one at the Louvre, was set up for partygoers.

So, just to update: the reviews? Mixed. The Catholic Church? Offended. But there is one dispute that won’t go away…

“Come right this way, look at my crack staff of showbiz experts,” Tom Hanks laughed. “Everybody says, ‘What’s with the hair?’ What do you mean by the hair?”

“Are you amazed about how much discussion is being had on the Internet and various places, over 900,000 just about your hair?” Access’ Tim Vincent asked.

“My hair, well, this is very big news, and I’m glad your program is finally covering it in the detail that it needs to be.”

“You kept it?” Tim asked.

“I did because I kind of liked it,” Tom laughed. “It’s the hair I always wanted to have in junior high. I never had it, the guys on the football team had hair like this, I just had that Bozo fright wig.”

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