Top TV Shows Of 2006

“Grey?s” hot docs and “Dancing?s” celebrity quicksteps were just two ingredients that helped glue our eyes to the tube in 2006. The reality TV boom is far from over, but drama and comedy are still very much alive on our Top 10 list of the television shows that kept us buzzing this year.10. “Nip/Tuck”: thanks to numerous invites to the set, including one where they aged our hosts 20 years, the ?Nip/Tuck? doctors slice their way into our number 10 spot. The show was strong in 2006, snagging guest stars including Larry Hagman, Brooke Shields, Kathleen Turner and a steamy bed romp with Rosie O?Donnell.9. “The View”: Rosie wins again! After Meredith Vieira defected to the ?Today” show, Barbara Walters hired the ever outspoken Rosie, who has kept us entertained for months, especially with those pro-panty Britney comments. Rosie was announced as co-host not long after Star Jones Reynolds announced she was leaving. ?The View? kept the drama alive revealing Star had already been dismissed by ABC when she made the announcement. 8. “America?s Next Top Model”: Tyra?s catty cat walkers of ?America?s Next Top Model? clock in at number eight. Seven seasons later, the show is still going strong. In fact, it?s the highest rated show on the CW!7. “Project Runway”/”America?s Got Talent”/”Lost”: It?s a three-way tie at number seven with the designing divas versus The Hoff versus the island. The fashionistas of Bravo?s ?Project Runway? continued to be trendsetters while David Hasselhoff?s wacky antics on ?America?s Got Talent? were the only thing worth watching. And those castaways of ?Lost?? We loved their encounter with the ?Others.?6. “The Biggest Loser”/”Desperate Housewives”: Every Wednesday we followed the dramatic weight loss of the booted ?Biggest Loser? contestants who tied with the ?Desperate Housewives? for our number 6 spot.5. The “Today” show: Katie Couric?s announcement she was leaving in May to anchor the CBS Evening News helps earn the “Today” show spot number five. 4. “Deal Or No Deal”: ?Today? was no match for the briefcase babes. We fell so hard for the 26 lovely ladies of ?Deal or No Deal,? that we launched our own contest to find one, making it our fourth most covered show.3. “Grey?s Anatomy”: We also couldn?t resist holding a contest to find ourselves a real life Dr. McDreamy. Those 11 Emmy nominations and the nearly 38 million who turned into their big post Super Bowl episode earned ?Grey?s Anatomy? our third spot.2. “Dancing With the Stars”: 2006 saw not one but two seasons of ?Dancing With the Stars? easily cha-cha-ing into our number 2 spot with a total of 61 stories on Access Hollywood. We were mesmerized by those 42-inch legs on Stacy Keibler at the beginning of the year. Later we were held captive by the ?Dancing . . .? scandals of season 3 ? the are they or are they not fooling around between Mario and Karina and the divorce drama that caused Sara Evans to drop out of the competition.1. “American Idol”: Surprisingly, just one story separates the #1 most covered show of 2006. With 62 stories, ?American Idol? is our number 1 show of the year. The Hicks Twitch! The Kellyisms! The drop dead gorgeous Katharine McPhee! All eyes were glued to TV?s highest rated show and Access was there every step of the way.And Access will be right back in the thick of it when Season 6 starts January 16th.

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