Tori Spelling Discusses Dean & ‘Dancing,’ Reparations With Mom And Swine Flu

Tori Spelling wants husband Dean McDermott to join “Dancing with the Stars,” the author and actress told Access Hollywood.

“I want Dean to do it because I think it would be really great for him,” Tori told Access on Wednesday as she promoted her newest book, “uncharted terriTORI.”

The former “90210” star told Access that she thinks Dean would stand a good chance at taking home the mirrorball trophy.

“He always tells me he’s a bad dancer; but he’s a really good dancer,” she said. “I’m like, ‘It would be so great for you to do ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ it would bring out your self confidence and you’re actually really good.’ I’d like to be there every week, but in the front row.”

Beyond talk of “Dancing,” Tori also opened up to Access about her recently repaired relationship with mother Candy Spelling.

“It was the whole realization of ‘What happened between us?’ and, ‘Was there really anything major?’ Or, ‘Did the press really heighten it to a level where we thought we couldn’t go back?’” Tori explained. “That was a huge turning point for me when I realized I think that’s what happened… It really was about kind of saying, ‘The past is the past. This is about my kids, her grandkids. It’s all about Liam and Stella.’ Because of that we have been able to move forward as a family and we’re all together and it’s been great.”

What’s not so great is the constant attention being paid by the media to Tori’s weight.

“In all honesty, I am a little thinner than I’d like to be, that’s the truth,” she told Access. “It’s unbelievably hurtful when they make the accusations of ‘eating disorder’ — just because I have a daughter of my own. I know what that would be like if she could understand what they were saying.”

Tori admitted to being “thinner,” but she suggested it was due to her battle several months ago with swine flu, a condition which was originally misdiagnosed.

“They did misdiagnose it. One doctor said it was Parvo,” she said. “They thought I had meningitis. That’s what I was first diagnosed at. In the hospital, I had a spinal tap… I kept saying to them, ‘I think it’s the flu!’”

Tori did have the flu – the swine flu – and a severe case of it.

“The thing that came from having the flu was just a complete break down of my immune [system],” she said. “I was on rounds and rounds of antibiotics… I was having breathing problems and I was having sinus problems; I was on a breathing machine in the hospital so it was all this stuff… I was just sick for what it seems like was forever.”

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