Tori’s Meant For Mommy-hood!

(October 4, 2006) — As a Taurus, Tori’s overall chart patterns indicate that she will be just a great mother, for her natural tendency is to nurture and look after things, including Scorpio Dean McDermott, who in their relationship gets to be the one doted on. Tori is a natural as a mother, but she may be a very different kind of mother. Although Tori’s chart aspects, on the surface, look like she would fit right in with Dean McDermott, looks can be deceiving. The dynamics of Tori’s chart is very different from that of Dean’s and, for that matter, from her mother, Candy, who’s a Virgo. Both mom and Dean have very self-sufficient charts, and don’t really need much from anyone outside themselves.

Tori is quite different from people in general, unconventional might be the word. She always manages to march to the sound of a different drummer, that is: she always comes at things and life from a unique, or at least a very different point of view that that of others. We can expect her to be a very unconventional mother.

Looking at Tori’s mom, Candy and Dean, they like their privacy, and don’t minding spending time alone. Neither really needs others (including partners) all that much, in particular this is true for Dean. Tori’s unconventional chart leaves her as the odd-person out in this trio, as she is in fact very needy, and depends on other people for a sense of herself, and, in particular, she wants very much to have a partner.

In their relationship, there is nothing Tori has in her chart that Dean does not have more of just on his own, by himself. So what does Tori bring to this relationship? The answer is probably her off-beat wry sense of humor, and unique perspective on things. Because Dean has just about everything in his chart, Tori might feel inadequate in this relationship, as if she never measures up.

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