‘Trainspotting’ Sequel In The Works?

“Trainspotting,” the 1996 cult film that made a worldwide star out of Scottish actor Ewan McGregor, may soon have a box office sequel in the works.

According to the film’s director, Danny Boyle, there is interest in bringing author Irvine Welsh’s book “Porno,” the follow up to “Trainspotting,” to the big screen.

“The idea is to look at all the same actors when they’re all visibly, genuinely 20 years older and past their prime, without makeup,” the director told the Hollywood Reporter. “I want to do it sooner, but actors don’t age like the general public age; they give the idea of being wild, but they’re in the gym, the spa, they’re moisturizing. But I think it will happen.”

“Trainspotting” followed Renton (McGregor) and his heroin-addicted pals in Edinburgh and down to London on a money-making scheme.

The original cast included “Eli Stone’s” Jonny Lee Miller as Sick Boy, “Grey’s Anatomy’s” Kevin McKidd as Tommy and Robert Carlyle as the thuggish Begbie.

The follow up book, which doesn’t feature Tommy, as he passed away due to causes related to substance abuse in the first installment, centers around Sick Boy as the group conjures up a new scheme, 10 years after Renton walked off with the cash from the first heist.

Boyle told the trade magazine that he was inspired by the fondness several of the original stars showed to the original, and hopes it could lead to the sequel.

“Recently they got back together again to do interviews and you could see their enthusiasm,” Boyle said. “But it could end up being the most boring film in the world because they’re no longer hedonists.”

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