‘True Blood’s’ Stephen Moyer On Fiancee Anna Paquin’s Bisexual Admission

Stephen Moyer has opened up about his fiancee, Anna Paquin’s, decision to tell the world she is bisexual recently in a public service announcement.

The “True Blood” star said Anna told him about her attraction to both men and women from the start of their relationship.

“I’ve never been in a relationship before in which, literally within the first three days, all the cards were laid out… It wasn’t something that was kept from me,” Stephen told Playboy magazine, as he took part in their monthly feature — 20Q. “I condone what she has done 100 percent, and it’s her business to talk about it, not mine. It doesn’t change anything. I’m proud of who she is.”

The actor, who plays vampire Bill Compton, to Anna’s mind-reading Sookie Stackhouse on the hit HBO series, said his relationship with the Oscar winning actress (she picked up a statue for Best Supporting Actress for her role as in “The Piano” when she was just 11) is very open.

“She doesn’t pull punches. I’ll take 74,000 words to express an emotion because I fear hurting someone’s feelings. Anna will do it in three words. But we trust each other so implicitly that there’s never anything hurtful; it always comes from a loving place,” he told Playboy. “With Anna it’s just about pure trust, on camera and off. I have never trusted anybody like I trust Anna.”

Beyond his personal life, Stephen talked about the sexy, Alan Ball-directed vampire series – a show he admits is filled with a lot of action.

“Sex on our show is like a big muffin that’s heating up, overflowing and expanding in an oven. This time last year I was thinking, ‘What the f*** are we going to do next year to top this?’ Well, I can tell you it’s weird and exciting this year,” he said.

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