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In today’s Healthy Hollywood feature: Nutritionist Keri Glassman, who regularly shares her expertise on Access Hollywood and Access Hollywood Live, is answering your nutrition, diet and health questions.

Want to know how celebrities are getting their fabulous post-baby bodies? And, if their diet plan is right for you? Is there a downside to the latest diet trend? Keri is here to help!

This week’s question…

“I’ve been reading that one of the reasons Gwyneth and Chris Martin broke up is because of her restrictive diet. I’m a vegetarian and I’m afraid my boyfriend finds it annoying. How can I make sure to keep the spark alive?” - Lauren S., Chicago, Ill.

Keri says…

There sure is a lot of speculation as to what really made Gwyneth and Chris Martin say, “I don’t”. The reality is, we’ll probably never know the truth, and, that’s okay! Even for couples who are constantly in the spotlight we never really know what’s going on — nor should we!

So let’s skip the relationship guessing game, look at the bright side and applaud Gwynnie for her healthy eating. Since eating is something we all have to and like to do and want to feel good about, let’s figure out a way to bring you and your significant other closer together even if you say “tomato” and he says “tomahto”.

Prepare as a Pair: Bring your man into the kitchen and have him help out. Cooking together can be enjoyable and relaxing - even if you are making different meals! It’s the perfect qt time. Put on some music, open a bottle of wine, and start cooking (for real, it can be foreplay!). Plus, the more involved your man is with your meals and understands the foods that make you say “mmmm”, the less ignored he’ll feel when all you want is a plate full of veggies and quinoa. And if he’s not so confident about his chopping or sauteing skills, head to a cooking class for your next date. Soon you’ll have him looking forward to your nightly dinner date.

Embrace the Beast: Just because you don’t care to eat meat doesn’t mean you can’t encourage your significant other to enjoy. A great way to show your partner that you appreciate his diet choices is to plan a meal that can go both ways. Look for a recipe that’s vegetarian for you, but would go great with a little something he loves. Try a veggie stir fry then slice some chicken on top for him and add chickpeas for you. Or, have him sear a steak for himself and a meaty portobello mushroom for you to go on top of sauteed spinach…now you both win! There are countless delicious meals that are sure to satisfy both of your food desires.

Plan Ahead: Don’t let your diet restrictions get in the way of that romantic, candlelit dinner he’s been planning. Pick restaurants that that offer something enticing to both of you by doing a little restaurant research beforehand. There are plenty of restaurants that offer interesting vegetarian dishes next to the rib eye! And, let’s face it, even the steakiest of steakhouses can accommodate vegetarians these days, so don’t be afraid to ask your waiter to help you get your veggie on. Taking the pressure off of your partner to accommodate your vegetarian diet is an effortless way to keep date night alive and kickin’.

Use Your Magic: You know that vegetarian doesn’t mean boring, but he might not! Look for vegetarian recipes that your partner may actually enjoy. Falafel wrap or a roasted veggie panini? Just be smart about meat substitutes; that meatless burger you adore may be a little too out there for a traditional meat-eater. Also, don’t try to trick your partner into believing the meal has meat, be open about what you’ve prepared so he knows what to expect. You can make this a weekly ritual, and soon he may even look forward to these meatless nights.

Ask for Support: Don’t be afraid to talk to your bf about why you choose to be a vegetarian. If he understands why this is important to you, he is more likely to support your choices. Be wary of any judging or preachy attitude and who knows, a good conversation may just open him up to giving your vegetarian diet a whirl!

-- Terri MacLeod & Keri Glassman

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