Tyson Beckford’s Secrets To A Model-Perfect Body! (Healthy Hollywood)

OK ladies, supermodel Tyson Beckford is a jaw-dropping model of perfection! His body is ripped, his smile is worldly, and his face is simply gorgeous!

If that’s not enough, he’s super sweet and down-to-earth.

Healthy Hollywood had a flirty interaction with Tyson in New York City, where he was celebrating his “We love the ‘90s” spread in People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive issue. And, let’s just say, after 20 years on the style scene, the 42-year-old Tyson looks just as good (if not better).

“I try. I try,” reveals Tyson about his ageless appeal.

“I’m not a gym rat. I’m more like addicted to cardio. I like to cycle through the city. I do lots of jump-roping. I just came out with this new fitness product, called the Beckford bar, which gives you a nice v-shape. It doesn’t make you bulky. Because that’s the problem, nowadays, you don’t want to be bulky. You want to fit nicely in the suit. You want it to, you know, be nice and tapered,” explains Tyson.

Tyson might tailor his workouts to fitting nicely into a suit, but for People magazine’s spread, he didn’t mind showing off his well-defined abs. The longtime face of Ralph Lauren, reveals his self-designed Beckford bar is the secret. “It deals with the deltoids, triceps, the biceps, forearms, and the abs and lower back. It works well to give you [that definition] in the lower back.”

Beyond exercise, Tyson says diet is also important, adding, “Nutrition is very important to me. I do an organic diet. I eat lots of salads, lots of fish and hardly any carbs.”

Another feel-good trick is fatherhood. Tyson has a 15-year-old son with a former girlfriend.

“I had him in 1998. It made me grow-up really fast and realize that, you know, one day, this kid is going to look to me for advice, and he’s going to need to go college and educate himself. I want him to have as much fun as I did in life. So, it’s a lot of steering him down the right road,” he explains.

And, as Healthy Hollywood will attest, being a present father is just downright sexy to most women!

As for what Tyson finds sexy, he reveals, “I think sexy is in the eye of the beholder. Natural is sexy to me. Humor is sexy to me and just someone with a great smile. I think a smile is what really lures you into a person. Then, you get to know them better.”

I think [or fantasize] Tyson is describing me as he talks about what he finds sexy in a women. I can’t help but let him know he’s making me feel incredibly sexy at this moment.

“Are you?” You bet, I say. “Are you smiling? See! You are smiling! You were laughing! So, there you go. That’s it,” as Tyson gives me kiss good-bye to end our interview. Swoon!

-- Terri MacLeod

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