Under The Dome’s Mike Vogel, Rachelle Lefevre, Dean Norris Talk Show’s Success, Troubled Junior & More

“Under The Dome” is the biggest hit of the summer, but Mike Vogel, who plays Barbie on the CBS drama, said the cast and crew haven’t felt the impact because they are living in their own little, well, bubble.

“It’s been fantastic being in Wilmington ‘cause we’re kind of in this little hole of just normalcy there where we’re just making a show,” Mike told Access Hollywood at Comic-Con in San Diego on Saturday. “We’re just doing what we’re doing and having a good time doing it and the numbers come in and you go, ‘That’s fantastic!’ But it kind of seems removed until you get back to a place like L.A. or here, where those things matter and you kind of realize the weight of it. And, it’s a blessing.”

Last week, CBS announced that with DVR playback, video on demand and online streaming, the premiere episode of the series, which aired a few weeks ago on CBS, jumped from 13.53 million viewers to just under 20 million viewers.

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“We couldn’t be happier,” Dean Norris, who plays Big Jim (and also co-stars on AMC’s “Breaking Bad”) said. “When you work and do something, it’s great to have people respond to it and watch it.

“Being on a big network like CBS… it’s amazing how many more people get to see that than a show like ‘Breaking Bad,’ even though ‘Breaking Bad’ is so well known,” Dean added. “It’s like, ‘Wow!’ The numbers just blow you away.”

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Numbers aside, the cast said to prepare for some big storylines on the series.

“We’re gonna learn a lot about the mystery of the dome at the end of the show,” Dean said. “I think this next one — Episode 5 — you see the dome start to take on a character that’s much larger than has been shown so far. It’s really cool ‘cause that’s really the cool, creepy, sci-fi part of it — when this dome is actual sentient being and it’s got its own thing.”

And, although Alexander Koch has been playing a disturbed young man – junior (Big Jim’s son) – on the series, Rachelle Lefevre said Julia may continue to try and help him.

“Everyone else is quick to just peg him as just a bad guy — and believe me, he’s doing some despicable things — but he’s still young and [Alexander and I look at it from] the idea that maybe he’s not beyond saving, not beyond help. … Without the dome, probably we’d just go, ‘Well, he’s a psychopath and we should just lock him up and everybody should just forget it,’ but we’re all in a new reality here, where… we’re all stuck under this thing together and he’s stuck roaming the streets, so something has to happen,” Rachelle told Access. “[Julia is] a journalist so she wants to get to the full story before she’s quick to accuse and just lock someone up.”

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“Under the Dome” airs Monday nights at 10/9c on CBS.

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