UPDATE: Michael Lohan Ready To Duke It Out… For Charity

Michael Lohan isn’t the type to back down from a fight.

The estranged father of Lindsay Lohan has publicly feuded with the actress, her girlfriend Samantha Ronson and her mother Dina Lohan.

For his next battle, Lohan will use his fists rather than his mouth: He’s auctioning off the chance to knock him out in a charity boxing match Nov. 24 at the Hilton Long Island in Melville, N.Y.

Bidding to challenge Lohan begins at $5,000. Proceeds will go to charities including the Long Island Community Chest, which provides financial support to needy families.

Jeff Cohen, an organizer for the event, said he expects a big turnout.

“Anybody who jumps into the ring with Michael Lohan will become famous,” Cohen said. “Maybe you’ll get one of Lindsay Lohan’s ex-boyfriends who’ll try and impress Lindsay by beating up her father. Who knows? … You might get Samantha Ronson trying to put a bid in there.”

In response to a posting on celebrity gossip site Perez Hilton about the fight, Michael wrote the following note to Access Hollywood:

“Out of all the people on this planet, if there is ONE PERSON, who I would REALLY love to get the ring with me, it would be Perez Hilton. I know he weighs more and he might not need protection for his genitals, but hey, I don’t hit below the belt, he does! But if he did have the balls, I would give him a jab for every jab he has thrown at my kids and family members. My God, that would be alot of punches, huh? But then again, you have to be a man to do so! But in the event Perez can conjure up the nerve, he knows where to find me (although nobody can find him!!). Let’s not forget Perez, this is for charity and it’s a chance to put your money where your mouth is!”

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