UPDATED: Access At The Oscars - Live From Inside The Academy Awards!

AccessHollywood.com’s Jeremy Blacklow is inside the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, capturing all the action — especially, the stuff the cameras won’t see!

8:40 PM PST - Congratulations Bladimiar. You told me in November that “The King’s Speech” would win, and you were right!!! Dinner’s on me next time.

Love that the lead producer just thanked his boyfriend.

Time to shimmy out. Thanks to my hardworking AccessHollywood.com crew who are working their butts off tonight. Food truck tomorrow!

And we’re out folks! Time to find Franco’s after after after after party! Oh yes, I will find it. Watch out Grandma Mitzie… I’m comin’ for you!

8:33 PM - Back in my seat. Time for the final four awards. I must say, it’s true that all of the action is in the first floor bar. That was quite a scene.

Or fellow Access producer Susan Moore has the best wingwoman in the history of wingwomen.

Here we go…. Best Picture!!!

7: 38 PM - I made it downstairs!!! Flirted with the elevator lady!!!! Now with Access’ Susan Moore, Scott Mantz and Adam Jordan. Watching Mark Ruffalo chat with Jeremy Renner. Soooo want to buy Renner a shot.

John Hawkes has great hair.

Just chatted with Jacki Weaver’s husband at the bar.

7:14 PM - I see Mark Ruffalo, his wife and Jeremy Renner talking and laughing with Sandra Bullock now in the lobby.

Melissa Leo just walked right past me. Everyone wishing her congratulations. Adam Shankman just breezed by too.

I am now positioned by second floor bar next to three women over 65 in all gold who have tighter skin than Oscar himself. Taylor from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” would be jealous.

7:01 PM - First break from my seats - surveillance time. But oh no, they wont let folks without first floor tickets go down to the lower bar! Booo! Will have to settle for one floor up. Geoffrey Rush is the only star up on my floor.

Spying from above on Harvey Weinstein and Michelle Williams (not together). And David Fincher is laughing with friends.

I’m checking Twitter and general temperature is that, thus far, these aren’t the greatest Oscars of all time (by a long shot). Curious what our AccessHollywood.com readers think.

6:30 PM PST - Apparently, I am seated next to the greater creative team of “In a Better World” from Denmark. They’re going nuts with their upset over “Biutiful.”

Wow, Reese looks stunning!!

6:11 PM - Second commercial break and folks are starting to shuffle out for the first time.

Anne is thanking everyone during the break and telling jokes! She’s doing a raffle for sushi. Or “as Melissa Leo would say, ‘It’s really good f*****g sushi!’”

Someone near me in the top mezzanine wins the sushi.

BTW - did “Shrek” play for people at home? Seemed like a technical glitch on the screen live.

5:28 PM PST - Here we go!!! My seats are nosebleed but can still see stage perfectly! Robin Roberts doing a final stand up on stage.

Can’t wait to see what Franco and Hathaway will do!!!

5:21 PM – OK, in my seats. Sorry about the long pause but the ushers and fire marshals do not like you on Blackberry while walking.

Walked up the grand staircase right in front of Christopher Nolan, Tom Hooper and Dame Helen Mirren and Taylor Hackford. You know?… Just some of the best directors in the world. No big deal.

Apparently I missed the free champagne, but I’ve been told that after the first hour, I need to make a beeline for the first floor bar.

I will be standing incognito in the corner, blogging away. That, or, throwing shots back with Jeremy Renner… We shall see!

4:51 PM - I have covered every awards show on site, but have never seen anything of this magnitude. This is nothing like the Emmys, Globes or Grammys. Wow wow wow.

Annette Bening and Warren Beatty just passed me. She looks radiant tonight. One of the best smiles in Hollywood.

Kathryn Bigelow just walked past me.

4:47 PM - OK wow, have finished the carpet and am in the foyer. Those ushers are aggressive. Did not like me trying to blog while shuffling through.

I think Mantz and I successfully photobombed behind Steven Spielberg and his date (his daughter).

Also somehow paralleled the entrances of Gwyneth, Timberlake and Celine.

It’s so strange being here because you recognize everyone even though you know very few of them.

My fashion winner so far for the night is Jennifer Hudson. She is simply stunning!

4:22 PM - I was amazed at how many protesters there were driving up Highland. Signs everywhere. I never realized how much Oscar-goers were supposed to be repenting.

James Franco’s grandma, Mitzie, is right behind me. Mitzie rocks!

Even she’s getting yelled out to keep moving.

4:17 PM - Walking… Really… Slow. All I hear is ushers saying, “Keep moving” (No one is).

Our own Maria Menounos is in first position. She’s with Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth right now. Just saw Bob Iger greeting Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter (her fashion choice for tonight is actually decent!).

Celine Dion just walked in and was ushered quickly through.

3:52 PM - This is my first ever Academy Awards after many years of working in entertainment news. I thought I was jaded, but alas, today, I’m actually excited!

I’m riding in with our movie expert Scott “Movie” Mantz and his beautiful wife, Andrea, who is also attending for the first time. To say we’re giddy, is an understatement. 30 feet from Hollywood and Highland, here we go!!!

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