UPDATED DAY 2: Uma Thurman’s Stalker Takes The Stand

Following an emotional day in court on Thursday, Uma Thurman’s stalker trial continued Friday.

Jack Jordan has been indicted on five counts total — the first count is attempting to commit crime of coercion in the first degree, the 2nd count is stalking in the fourth degree and counts 3 through 5 are for aggravated harassment in the second degree — all counts took place from May 2005 through August 2007.

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Access Hollywood is inside the courtroom for all of your updates in real-time today, as the trial continues…


12:50 PM EDT – Jordan’s attorney is finished with questioning and Jordan leaves the stand.

Lunch break is called in the court room.

12:05 PM EDT - Jordan speaks about going to Uma’s apartment on multiple occasions until he was arrested at her home.

“Her assistant told me Uma was there and she would be down. Then a squad car came and I was issued a trespassing summons,” Jordan explains.

After more questions by his attorney, Jordan talks about how he saw it playing out.

“I was guided by an ethic of protection… I was imagining a very romantic relation with this. I never wanted to cause her distress,” Jordan concludes.

11:55 AM EDT – Jordan’s trial resumes.

11:35 AM EDT – Court takes a recess.

11:00 AM EDT - Jordan explained why he moved to New York City.

“I thought I might run into Uma on the street,” he said, adding “my intention to move to New York City wasn’t a quest to meet Uma.”

As the trial continues, Jordan chronicles some of the places he thought he might run into Uma, including the set of her film “My Super Ex Girlfriend.”

When asked by his lawyer about a card he sent the actress with a razor blade drawn on the back, Jordan said he could see now how it might have scared her, “but at the time thought it was funny.”

He also went on to explain the reason he sent Uma his driver’s license, was so “she would know what I looked like.”

10:55 AM EDT – Jordan admits to contacting Thurman’s home in April 2005. He says he called their home four or five times and actually spoke to her brother.

“I thought he was intelligent and felt his tone was friendly,” Jordan said.

When asked why he called him, Jordan said “Because I had this longing for Uma and was in distress.”

10:50 AM EDT – As he is questioned by his attorney, Jordan talks about his first contact with the Thurman family, which came when he heard an interview with Uma’s father, Dr. Robert Thurman.

Jordan says he felt he had met a “kindred spirit” and thought Dr. Thurman could help him with his educational efforts. Jordan said he wrote a letter to Dr. Thurman, asking him to be an advisor for Go Trek.

Jordan’s attorney then asked about his client’s first thoughts on Uma.

Jordan said he had a crush on the actress after seeing her in the 1988 film, “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen,” adding he was “grateful” to Uma.

When he saw her in the 2003 film “Kill Bill: Vol. 1,” Jordan tells the court he was overcome by a strong feeling of affection towards the actress.

It was at that point, Jordan says he wrote a letter to Uma.

“I am a responsible man and I feel humiliated by this process. What I thought was private has been made public,” Jordan told the court. “I first wrote the letter to her publicist. I thought she’d understand.”

Jordan goes on to explain how he wrote about a scene from “Kill Bill” and how he and Uma were “destined to be together.”

When the actress didn’t respond, Jordan says he penned another letter a week later, although he felt ashamed expressing himself.

10:20 AM EDT - Jordan is called to the stand.

10:27 AM EDT – Jordan takes the stand. He tells the court he lives in a basement apartment in Montgomery County, Maryland. While he is currently unemployed, he says he may become a teacher in Montgomery County, depending on the outcome of the trial.

Jordan says he has spent the past decade working with kids at a program called Go Trek, a charity he developed to mentor and tutor students through an alternative learning venue.

Jordan, who says he has a degree in English Literature from the University of Chicago, is one of eight kids and says his father was a nuclear physicist.

According to our Access source on the scene, Jordan “is a brainiac and is incredibly normal and well spoke so far.”

10:15 AM EDT - Trial set to resume. The jury is about to be called into the court room. Jordan is seated with his attorney at defense table. He appears calm, attentive and scribbling notes on legal pad.

10:05 AM EDT – Access just spoke with Jack Jordan’s attorney — his client will take the stand! Waiting for court to begin…

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