UPDATED: Josh Duhamel & Fergie Slam Stripper’s Sex Claims

Josh Duhamel & wife Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas continue to deny allegations that the “Transformers” star had sex with an Atlanta stripper.

“This is not the first nor will it be the last time that a stripper was paid a large amount of money to sell a false story about a celebrity,” a rep for Josh told People, referring to the claims made by Nicole Forrester in a recent story in the tabloid the National Enquirer. “This story is absolutely ridiculous.”

And a rep for Fergie told Access Hollywood, “These allegations are nonsense.”

And on Wednesday afternoon, a rep for Josh issued a statement on behalf of the actor as well.

“This story is completely ridiculous and hurtful. It’s unfortunate that we have to respond to a story that was created because money was exchanged between a tabloid and this woman,” the statement read.

On Monday, during an interview on Atlanta radio station Q100’s “Bert Show,” Nicole claimed she had sex with the actor a week after he came to the Tattletale club in Atlanta, where she dances.

“We did hook up and had lots of sex and we had a really, really good time,” she claimed during the interview.

Nicole’s attorney, Romin Alavi, told Us Weekly that Josh allegedly boasted about the incident while filming his new movie with Katherine Heigl in Atlanta, “Life As We Know It.”

“Josh bragged about what happened on the set of his movie [‘Life As We Know It’], and someone called the Enquirer with the tip,” Alavi claimed to Us Weekly. “The Enquirer then came to Nicole.”

When contacted by Access Hollywood, Alavi claimed that Josh met his client on October 1, 2009 at the Tattletale club in Atlanta. He allegedly returned to the strip club the following night and exchanged phone numbers with Nicole.

“The night they had sex was the 9th and 10th,” Alavi claimed. “He invited her to come to St. Regis.”

Alavi claimed to Access that Josh did not pay Nicole for sex but he did give her money.

”[Josh] never paid her for sex,” he continued. “They were mutually interested in each other. When she was leaving he gave her 100 bucks for the cab.”

Alavi also claimed that they fell asleep together and allegedly had sex after waking.

He maintains that his client is telling the truth, claiming, “She passed the polygraph and she is willing to take it again.”

Alavai also claimed that Nicole has not been paid for her story, despite a report that she sold her story to the National Enquirer.

“She was offered $22 grand. $500 [for the] initial meeting, $1500 if she passed the polygraph test, and the rest once the story ran,” he claimed to Access. “She’s not getting any of it because she decided she didn’t want the Enquirer to run story. She canceled the contract in 48 hours but they still ran with her quotes.”

Alavai told Access that Nicole is currently in Atlanta and will be heading to New York for interviews on Thursday.

And according to a report by Bill Zwecker of The Chicago Sun-Times, the couple has had, “a very intense and heated” talk about the infidelity claim.

“He’s definitely in the doghouse,” a Chicago Sun-Times source close to The Black Eyed Peas claimed. “But Fergie’s hanging in there – at least for the time being. She was fully aware of Josh’s reputation as a ladies’ man when she hooked up with him.”

The stripper in question also claimed she has text messages and polygraph test results to back up her story.

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