UPDATED: Uma Thurman Takes The Stand In Stalker Trial

Uma Thurman took the stand this morning in her New York stalker trial

Yesterday, her mother took the stand and testified.

Access Hollywood is seated inside of the courtroom directly behind defendant Jack Jordan, and we’re bring you real-time updates as they happen today.

Jordan has been indicted on 5 counts total — the first count is attempting to commit crime of coercion in the first degree, the 2nd count is stalking in the fourth degree and counts 3 through 5 are for aggravated harassment in the second degree — all counts took place from May 2005 through August 2007.

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4:50 PM EDT – The people have rested. After Uma, a detective was called to the stand and testified to what was in Mr. Jordan’s car when he was arrest on October 5, 2007.

3:45 PM EDT — An Access Hollywood PA ended up in the elevator with Jack Jordan and his lawyer during the latest break. And the lawyer said to Jordan, “It was so surreal talking to her about ‘Kill Bill”! Then, they both kind of laughed.

Our PA reports that the attorney seemed to be getting a kick out of talking to a celebrity. Then Jordan said, “It’s weird she didn’t see any connection between the (headless) bride picture and the movie.”

3:31 PM EDT — Uma is off the stand.

3:27 PM EDT — More cross-examination about Uma’s first alleged super-fan.

… Uma says that it seems mean not to answer fan mail, but there’s are concerns — if something looks creepy, she won’t respond - if it was from a kid in a hospital, she would try.

Uma is asked about the sealed letter she received from Mr. Jordan while he was at the mental hospital — and did she know it was not addressed her?

She is also asked about the card received in 11/05 and the pic of a bride with no head — if that had meaning to her?

Attorney asks her to recall spotting somebody near her trailer on the night he visited set.

Uma: “My fear of mar Jordan began the day he made his presence known.”

Attorney: “Did you ever tell Mr. Jordan you wanted nothing to do with him?”

“No, I never contacted him.”

3:12 PM EDT — The DA is done. At 3:10 PM, the cross examination is beginning.

Uma is asked, “Since that date in August 2007, did you ever have any more contact?”

Uma replies, “I have never seen him — but many people in my house said they saw him. I can’t testify to the timeline.”

Uma says that she met with the DA 3 times.

3:06 PM EDT — Picked up kids and returned back to the Bahamas and stayed there until Labor Day – her kids needed to go to school

… While in the Bahamas she gotten one other hysterical call from Ms. Koffler.

Uma had been advised to call police if Mr. Jordan came to the house and she testified, “At one point, my assistant told (Mr. Jordan) that I was in the shower in hopes to delaying Mr. Jordan so that the police could come to the house.”

He stayed on the stoop and police kept driving by and then she went outside and tried to flag down police.

“The whole thing is a nightmare,” Uma testified. “I was afraid for me - for my kids - afraid we were going to have to move again.”

“I had to tell my daughter — I told her that all was going to be OK but this man refused to stay away. And she said, ‘You mean the stalker?’”

“I feel terrible my children have to go through this.”

3:00 PM EDT — More from the letter:

“I feel afraid if I see you out with another man I may kill myself,” Jordan wrote.

Uma: “I realized this was a dangerous situation and that he was absolutely sick — this was my home, where I lived alone with my kids,”

Ms. Koffler told her that Mr. Jordan rang her bell day and night and Uma then called a friend to advise her on what to do and how she could get help, as she was out of town.

…Uma called her friend Jennifer and Jennifer knew abut the incident in ‘05 because she is her best friend — and she told Uma she needed to get someone to help her get info to police and contact a guy named Cliff, who would help Uma — and Uma then called Cliff and she told him story and he told Uma he would help her get evidence back and proper security to her home. He said that she needed to secure her house before the kids returned from visit with their dad.

…At this time, she also learned that people who worked on her house had noticed him around and she then learned he was living in a car outside of her home.

…Uma also got a second letter and it was written to her new assistant and it was asking for Uma’s number. He wrote they were good friends, etc…

Uma then cancelled coming home from her trip.

2:45 PM EDT — Uma & the jury come back in and the trial resumes.

They pick back up on the incident which happened at her home in NYC when she was in the Bahamas on vacation.

It continues with testimony on Ms. Koffler who starts reading the letter Mr. Jordan got to Ms. Koffler. Uma had stopped her and told her to fax it to her in the Bahamas.

Uma’s reacts to hearing about the letter.

“Now, I felt afraid for my life,” she said.

“That he had come back.”

1:00 PM EDT — The court has taken a break for lunch.

12:58 PM EDT — She’s had no contact with Mr. Jordan for a year now and she hasn’t worked a lot – she’s been with her kids a lot of the time.

Early August 2007 was the next incident.

She went on vacation to The Bahamas without her kids — they were with their dad.

She got a message at her hotel to call, “the sister of a friend I went to school with — she was staying at my home in NYC while I was away, and she told me she was upset. A man had come to the house and left notes and I asked his name and she told me, ‘Jack Jordan.’”

“I felt sick - I felt nauseous,” Uma testified.

Uma’s house guest (Ms. Koffler) then read Uma the notes – Ms. Koffler also told Uma that the man was on their stoop and refused to leave and when she threatened to get police, he left.

“I felt terrfied,” Uma continued. “I couldn’t believe he came back and I thought, ‘It could be much worse.’”

12:43 PM EDT — She is still reading the letter written to her — which goes on to say that Mr. Jordan is writing to state that they are forcing him to get medical treatment.

-- he goes on to say that he told docs his way of thinking is creative and romantic. He writes that he has been diagnosed as bipolar.

He goes on to write that she is smart — and knows she is busy but hopes she takes time to understand events that happened on set and then asks for her to write to the police about the night on set and basically help him.

12:41 PM EDT — …Still reading his letter asking for help… it goes on to say, “Over the years I have developed a feeling of tenderness for you — he insists to express himself openly and express his heart --

… goes on to say he understands if she is too busy or doesn’t want to intervene but wishes her the best.”

Uma says that she found it sad and says, “I wasn’t the reason he was sick, but found it frightening that he held me responsible — he kept writing, ‘take your life’ and I didn’t know what to do. I felt terrible --- I didn’t want to engage — I didn’t want to press charges — I just wanted out.”

Uma then says she felt sorry for him.


She then got call from a detective that Mr. Jordan was released from the mental hospital and that he was going overseas.

“I felt overwhelmed — I don’t have the ability to protect myself and my two kids – I live alone.”

12:39 PM EDT — Uma then reads a letter from November 2005 (received 3 days after Jack Jordan came to set) – [paraphrased below]:

“Dear Ms. Thurman,

Three days ago, I had pleasure of visiting the film that you are working on — my experience was pleasant it was nice to see you acting. Unfortunately, the spirit of kindness on set resulted in a bad incident for me which has escalated to the present — the intention was tongue in cheek and I hoped only to be read by you. I returned to Maryland the next day and was woken up by psychiatrist and was then sent to hospital. There was a petition that I stalked you. And there’s suspicion that I want to harm you and possibly take your life. This petition was written by a NYC detective — none of this is true. That night I behaved in a cordial manner and I’m writing for hope and with your compassion, that you will try to intervene in what for me is an unjust future — I have been involuntarily.”

Uma’s attorney asks, “How did you feel by letter?”

Uma responds, “I was upset and was further involved in the story by people who knew Mr. Jordan needed help.”

12:30 PM EDT — Uma then got police involved and a detective informed her that Jack Jordan had been hospitalized. And she felt relieved because his family knew he was sick.

She then talks more about the timeline of events and incidents that occurred on the set of “My Super Ex-Girlfriend.”

In November 2005, a letter was sent to the production office of “My Super Ex-Girfriend” --- she recognized the handwriting because it was the same from the confirmation letter.

12:25 PM — An e-mail is read --- basically in the essence of:

“You have no children — Maya and… — your other one don’t exist --but you did have a miscarriage, you got pregnant by mistake — I helped you process the anger of both you and the fetus…”

Uma: “I don’t think any mother would want a stranger to talk about her kids and that they didn’t exist. He was fantasizing they didn’t exist - I don’t want my kids ever involved…”

Uma then reads the most disturbing e-mail to her brother, from 4/22/05:

“Are we mice or people? — there was a story where god tells him to kill his son — the point is… ignore the a-- hole — maybe when we hear voices they are to be ingored — we should all just listen to intuition — love is a law unto itself.”

Her attorney asks why this is the most disturbing:

“Mr. Jordan talks abut hearing voices and god — the idea thinking of a bible story that he was struggling with and saying, ‘Maybe we should ignore voices that tell you to kill a child --- I feel bad I hadn’t looked at this more carefully two years ago and I should have taken more steps.”

“People tried to get me to take out a restraining order in ‘05 and I ignored it and hoped it would go away — I did nothing — my father then told me he hadn’t told me about all the e-mails cause he didn’t want me to be afraid.”

12:10 PM EDT — Uma enters the courtroom again.

What’s interesting is… Uma refuses to look at him she is looking down to one side --- she’s avoiding all contact.

Her attorney proceeds on more about her father’s e-mails.

She continues her testimony.

“His e-mails became more angry and made comments about my ex and actors I worked with — more and more references to death and suicide and hewrote my father that he kept razor blade by his bed --- mentioned death over and over.

He wrote abut my children and part of his musings had to do with my kids.”

12:05 PM EDT --- Court is about to resume again.

Defendant walked back into courtroom — very relaxed – showing no emotion and he took his seat at the defense table.

The court is waiting for jury and Uma.

11:35 AM EDT -- Uma talks abut reading e-mails that were sent to her brother and father --- “I got disturbed reading them — he had written down the names of my two kids.”

Uma reads one of his e-mails to her dad.

“Often lately these thought include you or Uma — when I see her or hear her voice I feel in love --- I imagine us in a cave a long time ago — and us mummified….”

4/16/05 — date of e-mail written — Uma reads it aloud:

”…..of course we have never met --
e-mail is all abut his fantasy
Life with Uma”

”…The only thing that keeps me from going to the river to die is the voice of you and your father…”

Uma shares her thoughts on that e-mail.

“Of course, I was scared,” she said.

11:34 AM EDT – Later that same night, when Uma returned to the set, her makeup artist spotted him on set and said he had changed clothes and was making his way up the street with the extras — “I felt sick,” but thought, “I have to work.”

“I had to finish the shot and Ivan Reitman said, ‘We will try to finish shots quickly and get you off the street.’”

She worked for another few hours and was driven home – also, police had been called –she was escorted home by security

After night --- the next morning, she remembered her mom mentioning this person’s name and asked her about the call and she said that was the one calling their home in Woodstock. Her mom then told Uma he had been writing to her father.

“It was an event that was a progression… “it had history to it and was a progression — he had my parents number and came to set.” She painted a picture of more than an isolated moment and found out from her father that he had been sent all kinds of sick e-mails too.

Then she spoke to her brother Dechen — and he told Uma that Jack Jordan told him during their call that he was going to commit suicide if Dechen didn’t help him .

“And my brother gave his phone number to Jack Jordan’s mother — who was there with him when Jack Jordan had phoned my brother.”

11:22 AM EDT – On November 8, 2005, Uma was at a night shoot in NYC for “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” – she went on a break & went to dinner and when she returned to her trailer, she noticed a man outside but didn’t think much. She then got in her trailer and her assistant told her she had a visitor by the name of Jack Jordan. She didn’t know who he was but recognized his name and Jack eventually gave Uma’s assistant a card. Uma opened it and inside were little tiny pieces of paper and a postcard with lots of scribbled out words.

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“It looked so disturbed and I noticed the words not scribbled out were – ‘chocolate’ — ‘mouth’ – ‘soft kissing’ – and ‘my hands should be on your body.’ After reading, I was compleltey freaked out and said, ‘Oh my god’ - it was like a nightmare.”

Inside the envelope there were also — there was a lot of pictures of a bride with her head torn off — there was a dollar bill — and weird torn pieces of papers and there was also a card. She then looked at the front of the card and it was a confirmation card and read aloud the card — and it referenced Carol Channing.

And she turned over the card and there was a drawing of a little stick figure and there was a razor blade and there was arrow off from a blade and that pointed to a gravestone with ‘R.I.P.’ and an open grave. Uma said she got panicked — and she was then being asked to go to set.

And then, she said, the question became, “How do they get met to the set?”

“I was disturbed — I didn’t know what to think — at one point I had to leave the trailer and they put me outside the door of the trailer and put me directly in a car – I never went out went front.”

11:06 AM EDT — Uma testified about a man named Anthony who pursued her when she was 17 and he sent flowers to her parents on New York’s Upper West Side and phoned their home — she answered and screamed for him to leave her alone. He had also sent her a package with a razor blade. He eventually went away after she confronted him on the phone.

Her first incident with Jack Jordan was in 2005 — he phoned both her mother and brother separately — told her mom that he loved Uma and was supposed to be in relationship with her. He loved her and needed mom’s help to get Uma. He had also phoned Uma’s brother and told him he was going to kill himself if didn’t get Uma. Uma got mad at her family for engaging with a stranger.

11:00 AM EDT -- Jordan is seated at defense table — and is sitting quietly with his hands cupped under his chin — Uma has made no eye contact with him

10:51 AM EDT -- Uma is on the stand, looking very thin and tired, with no make-up. The DA started off by asking questions about her background. She started to cry when asked if she had two kids. She got her composure back and the DA moved on from her background and is now asking her about fan mail and how she interacts with fans.

10:35 AM EDT — Uma just took the stand, and five minutes in, began crying.

9:50 AM EDT — Defendant is seated in court and scribbling on notepad.

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