Venus & Serena: Gold Medals, And Even Time To Shop!

“Well, Congratulations,” Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson wished tennis champion sisters Venus & Serena Williams following their women’s doubles gold medal win at the Beijing Olympics.

Venus and Serena are golden girls once again; still high from their doubles domination. And they were giddy after earning their second career gold as a team.

“So, how does it feel,” Shaun asked.

“We’re so excited,” Venus replied. “I mean, we just, I mean, I don’t even want to take off my gold medal.”

“And how special is it to win it as sisters,” Shaun asked.

“It’s so exciting and we just, literally, got off the podium, so we’re so excited and I would much rather win with Serena than without her,” Venus replied.

But despite their busy Beijing schedules, the style-mavens still found time to shop!

“One day, I tried to go to the Silk Market, but it was closed,” Venus said.

The Silk Market is a popular location for tourists looking to buy knock-off goods, and other Chinese tschotskes.

“I went to the silk market though,” Serena chimed in.

“I saw you at the silk market,” Shaun said.

“Yeah! And I got a great silk blanket that they made right in front of my eyes,” Serena continued.

“Did you haggle?” Shaun asked.

“Are you kidding?” Serena joked. “That’s what I do. I don’t even, I just, that’s my favorite thing to do is haggle — I do it for a sport. If it was an Olympic sport I would have the gold medal for sure!”

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