Victoria & David Beckham: ‘Bye-Bye Britain, Hello Hollywood’

Goodbye Great Britain, hello Hollywood. Victoria and David Beckham’s American invasion has officially begun.

Earlier today, the couple and their three sons – Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz left London, Heathrow bound for LA. Crews began gathering at LAX not long after, waiting for the family’s touchdown.

On one of her last trips to America, while shooting her upcoming NBC reality special and preparing the new Beckingham Palace, Billy Bush sat down with Victoria, who is going to have to get used to a whole new crop of ladies, falling in love with the sight of her man. Posh however is ready, having dealt with people calling her hunk “hot” for years.

“I know,” she laughed. “Everyone always says that. I’m proud of him and he is gorgeous. He’s even more gorgeous on the inside. Its funny whenever anyone goes out with us they say ‘David’s so gorgeous and she’s so funny. I’m sick of being funny, you know what I mean? I want to be fit.”

As gorgeous as she is witty, the fit, Victoria is already winning over America once again. Fans will get to know the all grown up Spice mom, on Monday night as her NBC Special – “Victoria Beckham: Coming To America,” premieres. Once a multiple part reality TV series, the show was cut to just one episode earlier this summer so Posh could be at her family’s side.

“My husband got recalled to play for England, for the national side, so I wanted to be there supporting him. I wanted to be there with the kids, so I had to cut a bit of a hole in my filming schedule,” Beckham explains. “I love my work, I take it very, very seriously, but predominately I’m a mom, I’m a wife and I want to do my thing but I want to be there for my family.”

Posh is tight with her family and also with her famous friends, though the Beckham’s most famous Hollywood buddies won’t be sharing Scientology services.

“I’m not a scientologist, no,” Victoria confirms. “! I think, that a lot of people want to ask us the question about Tom & Katie — do they talk to us about it? They do their thing, we do our thing, no one has tried to push anything on us. We respect everybody! Everyone’s different, everyone has their thing and for me as long as people are happy I don’t really care what they do!

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