‘View’ Ladies Shoot Down Rumors Of Backstage Blow Up

The ladies of “The View” said Tuesday’s purported meltdown was just another day on television’s spiciest gabfest and reports of an internal feud over politics are not true.

The celebrity gossip Web site Defamer.com claimed Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck “went at it backstage” after Wednesday’s show. The report claimed they sparred over a McCain T-shirt that Elisabeth wore on Tuesday that read, “Great Ameri-McCain Hero.”

The Defamer report went on to claim that tensions flared after Elisabeth chastised Joy for promoting her standup act, which contains political material, after Joy allegedly went off on Elisabeth for her political-themed attire.

Backstage, Joy allegedly screamed in Elisabeth’s face, “If you do that again I will burn you down.” And when the conservative host attempted to respond, Joy allegedly yelled, “Shut the f*** up,” and stormed away.

However, the report is not true, according to the “View” ladies.

“None of those quotes are true! We would never say those things to one another!” Elisabeth said on Wednesday’s show. “I resent it when they misquote or make up lies! I don’t like it.”

Joy echoed Elisabeth’s statements, saying it was just another day at the office.

“We’re entertainers! We’re having a delightful discussion and sometimes it gets a little heated…and then it stops here!” she told the audience.

Whoopi, who missed Tuesday’s show due to dental surgery, even went so far as to tell both “GMA” and “Live With Regis and Kelly” the feud does not exist.

“I know people want it to be juicy, they want it to happen, we’re not fighting that way!” she said on “Regis and Kelly.” “We do not fight that way.”

Politics continued to be a hot topic on Thursday’s show, where Elisabeth broke some campaign news.

“Governor Palin asked me to be with her this Sunday to introduce her at the rally in Florida and I am more than honored to be there,” Elisabeth announced.

“I want to see [Palin’s] wardrobe!” Joy quipped.

When contacted by AccessHollywood.com, a rep for Defamer said the site stands by their story, saying, “The story of the backstage blowup between Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck did not come from an “anonymous source,” but rather multiple eyewitness accounts, all corroborative, and none anonymous. Defamer’s policy is to never print the names of our sources. We stand 100% behind our story.”

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