‘Walking Dead’s’ Emily Kinney On Making Music

Emily Kinney gets to act out the emotions of an 18-year-old dealing with life and death in the zombie apocalypse on “The Walking Dead.” But if you want to know the real Emily, listen to her songs.

“I always use my own experiences in my music,” Emily, who released her “Expired Love EP” on Tuesday, told AccessHollywood.com. “Maybe there’s something that I wanted to say and it keeps kind of going over and over in my head and so that phrase becomes the beginning of a song.”

The actress said her new set of tunes come from experiences she’s moved on from.

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“When I was deciding which songs I wanted to put on this EP, I came up with ‘Expired Love,’ because I feel like a lot of these songs are moments that are sort of over and done for me or not necessarily things I need in my life anymore, and so I made them into a song and like put them into this nice little box and now I need to sort of move on from them,” she said. “So they’re definitely about romantic relationships and even some good moments in relationships.”

One cut – “Masterpiece” – she describes as, “about having this really amazing day, but you know, then the day’s over and it doesn’t last.”

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“Sometimes, that’s how relationships are,” Emily continued. “They’re really great, but they weren’t something that was meant to be like a permanent fixture in your life. So for me, the whole album is kind of moments that I’m sort of done with and have expired.”

Emily cites artists like Regina Spektor and Tom Waits (a favorite of her “TWD” character) as those she admires.

“I feel like it’s really varied, but I definitely do connect with artists that put an emphasis usually on stories and words because that’s kind of – even if a song is catchy, I feel like what keeps me wanting to listen to a song over and over and kind of keep it in my life is usually if they have something that I go like, ‘That’s exactly how I feel sometimes,’ or like, ‘That’s exactly the thing I wanted to say, in a similar moment that I had.’ Those are the songs that I feel like I keep in my life.”

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