Welcome To AccessHollywood.com’s Hollywood Moms & Dads Section!

Welcome to our brand new Hollywood Moms & Dads page!

Working in the entertainment industry and now having my own child, I find myself drawn to anything baby related. So, I wanted to create a space that made sense to the Access Hollywood brand and I wanted to have a space to write about my experience as a single mom. I find myself constantly bonding with celebrities now in interviews about their children — whether it be swapping stories or sharing parenting tips.

I think most of the world believes that celebrities have access to multiple nannies and housekeepers 24/7. Sure, that might be the case for someone like Halle Berry or Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Truthfully, though there are plenty of working actors, models, athletes and of course reality stars that don’t have the disposable income we think they do. (Well, except for maybe those “Real Housewives” on Bravo). Lots of well-known people face similar challenges we all do as parents when it comes to time management and money, at least from my experience.

The question for me once we decided to launch though was whether or not to bring my son into the fold.

In the world of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram it’s nearly impossible to keep the outside world from watching my son grow up alongside me, especially being on a national television show each week. I went back and forth on the subject. At first, I was diligent about not posting photos or discussing him anywhere. Eventually I decided to ease up on this a bit.

Then a couple of months later, I went back on my photo ban. I ultimately have made the decision that I want to be able to share the joy of my son and our journey. Obviously, I ferociously want to protect him, but thousands of moms all over the Internet share their stories each and every day in blogs and I enjoy reading their funny anecdotes, small triumphs and daily struggles. So, why shouldn’t I do the same?

So, today I’m just going to boast a little about my smart little guy, Brenner. I heard yesterday that pediatricians want babies to have at least six words they can say before the age of two. My kid is already up to about 15 –

Balloon (his first word)

Pancake (his favorite breakfast food)

Mama (sadly took him a while on this one but I was patient)

Ball (comes out more like ‘boo’)

Backpack (thanks Dora the Explorer for that one)

Doggie (His second word. Helps that we have two dogs)

Vacuum (the kid is a cleaning machine!),

Bath (he loves splashing in the water)

Dinner (din din. this serves as the word for all food)

Water (wah wah)

And he also knows This, That, Bird and Diaper.

Not bad for a 16-month-old. Hey, but I’m not bragging. OK, yes I am.

We hope you enjoy this new section on AccessHollywood.com. We hope it inspires, informs, and of course, entertains.

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-- Laura Saltman

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