Were Seal & Heidi Klum Really Leaving America If McCain Won?

Seal and wife Heidi Klum never intended on leaving America if John McCain had been elected President, according to the singer. He told Access Hollywood that he was misquoted in a Vanity Fair article in their October issue.

According to the mag, Seal said, “If McCain is elected and America staggers on further towards the abyss, then we will leave the country. That is not a problem for us.”

But, the British singer said he was misquoted.

“What I did say [was], the country has gone through perhaps the worst eight years during the current administration, since I have been living here the past 20 years,” Seal told Access Tuesday. “And I said, it’s okay for us, if a country gets too bad, too polarized, if it gets too divisive, we have options. We can always go somewhere.”

The singer noted that his family has changed what his options are.

“But we don’t have those options any more because we have three very beautiful, very healthy American children,” he continued. “And this is their country. And my wife has just become a U.S. citizen. And neither of us are about to up and take them from this country.”

Seal might not have been a McCain supporter, but the singer commended the senator on his service to the country, yet felt Obama was best for the job.

“My concern was that, although McCain was a great man, a great patriot and someone obviously who was up for the job with the greatest intentions because he felt he could make change,” Seal added. “He wasn’t the change, he just wasn’t.”

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