What A Witch! Meet ‘True Blood’s’ Coven Queen Fiona Shaw

Irish actress Fiona Shaw caused quite a bit of trouble for “True Blood’s” favorite vampire bar owner — Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) — on Sunday’s episode of HBO’s pulpy drama, and this season she’s ready to take her place as Bon Temps’ newest bad girl.

“She’s a witchy woman, she’s got witch tendencies, and like a lot of people, she’s probably rather unloved,” Shaw told Access Hollywood of her troublemaking character.

In Sunday’s final scenes, Eric headed to a witches’ coven to warn them off reanimating dead creatures, and showed off his mean side. Afraid of the powerful vampire, Marnie, with a little help from a surprisingly powerful Lafayette, managed to cast a spell on Eric, setting off a series of repercussions expected to unfold across the season.

“Yes, but Eric causes major trouble for me, so I’m going to defend Marnie,” Shaw laughed when asked about causing trouble for the ancient character, played by the lanky Swedish actor. “Eric is a nightmare as far as I’m concerned.”

Beyond spells, Marnie is gearing up for some additional otherworldly action set to rock the Bon Temps boat.

“She becomes very unlovable, I have to say, as the season goes on,” Shaw explained of what’s on the way. “She’s a very exciting character to play, [a] direct hit with the vampires.”

Shaw said her character’s story line will involve Nelsan Ellis, who plays fan favorite, Merlotte’s short order cook Lafayette.

“My character is certainly very pleased to meet Lafayette, who I realize has more powers than he knows,” she noted.

Shaw is known to many film fans as Petunia Dursley, Harry Potter’s aunt and guardian in the film series based on JK Rowling’s books, but she expects Marnie to also be a very memorable character.

“I think [she’s] a character you love to hate, but then of course, it depends on where you’re standing. If you’re anti-vampire, I’m your gal,” she laughed.

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