What The Stars Say: Pam Anderson & Kid Rock Split

LOS ANGELES (November 27, 2006) — Pamela Anderson (CANCER) and Kid Rock (CAPRICORN) have what could be called a typical celebrity marriage, where the chemistry between them just isn’t there. There is no glue to hold them together.Pamela and Kid probably wound up getting married because they saw their own reflection in each other’s eyes. Both were looking for someone just like themselves, but all the world’s poetry confirms that it’s opposites that attract. “Sames” eventually repel one another, and that’s what happened to Pamela and Kid.Despite their public careers, their charts reveal that they both like to see more than they like to be seen. They are more comfortable when the spotlight is not always on them. Pamela and Kid both have much more receptivity and sensitivity than either lets on. Most of what the public sees is for show. Out of the spotlight, both are actually quite passive, with feelings that are easily hurt.Of the two, Pamela is the big thinker, while Kid is more of a busy person, whose calculating mind is often occupied plotting his career moves. Pamela is much more daring and more radical in her views. Short of something that both could see as a common goal, like a child, there was nothing holding Pamela and Kid together. This probably added to the trauma and stress of her miscarriage this year.Even the most attractive person will grow tired of seeing a reflection of themselves and will eventually yearn for something that really binds. Unfortunately, this just didn’t exist for Pamela and Kid.

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