Witches Of East End: The Cast Sets Up Their Supernatural Storylines

Lifetime’s sexy new series, “Witches of East End,” premieres tonight, bringing a supernatural presence to the network’s Sunday night lineup.

The drama, inspired by Melissa de la Cruz’s book, finds Julia Ormond playing Joanna, a mother/witch who has spent centuries re-raising her daughters, who throughout history have met cruel fates. In her latest parenting attempt, Joanna has decided not to let her daughters Freya (Jenna Dewan Tatum) and Ingrid (Rachel Boston) know what they really are, in hopes of helping them survive past the age of 30.

“She is protecting her daughters this time around by not telling them that they are witches and not introducing them to her powers and not helping them develop them because she feels like it’s bad for them,” Julia told Access Hollywood. “And then her sister arrives. … They haven’t been speaking for a century and [her sister] tells her that it’s all gonna go horribly wrong.”

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Madchen Amick plays Joanna’s sister, Wendy, a character not in the book, who enters the drama and brings plenty of it.

“I’m always causing trouble in the family a little bit. It’s always truthful and it’s out of love, but I kind of prod them to be truthful with each other and see things the way they should be seen and not denial. They have a lot of denial happening in this family,” Madchen laughed.

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Jenna described her character, Freya, as, “very sexy, free-spirited, kind of rebellious, kind of wild,” and, “ruled by her emotions.”

“Basically, all those parts of a woman that you want to really embrace but society kind of tells you, don’t do that, or this is the right way to do things or do this, so I get to just play her and have fun and it’s a blast,” she said.

Rachel is the more buttoned-up sister.

“I play an incredibly shy, quiet librarian in Fairhaven, who has been studying witchcraft and occult practices, but does not have any idea that she’s actually capable of magic on her own and so she’s been living a very quiet repressed life,” Rachel explained. “And then through some events in the town, it’s revealed that she’s a witch.”

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“The Witches of East End” premieres Sunday night at 10/9c on Lifetime.

-- Jolie Lash

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