Wolf Of Wall Street Stars Talk Film’s Controversy & Prosthetic Appendages

“The Wolf of Wall Street’s” drugs, sex and appalling characters has audiences talking and some walking – right out of the theater.

Access Hollywood’s Scott “Movie” Mantz sat down with stars Jonah Hill and Margot Robbie, who spoke about the film’s outlandish story that is proving to be too much for some moviegoers.

“[Martin Scorsese’s] movies get people talking and get conversation started. And I think that’s probably… the purpose of the film is to talk about what was wrong with these people and what was wrong with how they were punished and how possibly leniently they were punished,” Jonah, who plays Donnie Azoff, said.

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“[The audience] leaves his films and you are impassioned to have a conversation about things that you liked or didn’t like,” he continued. “Martin Scorsese made the film that he wanted to make, and I think that Martin Scorsese deserves to make any kind of film that he wants.”

Margot echoed Jonah’s sentiments about the film’s brazen story and characters.

“[Scorsese] always gives an authentic portrayal of a story. There’s nothing glamorized… He just gives a very accurate portrayal of how things are… the reality of the situation is often far more ferocious or far more entertaining or far more outrageous than the Hollywood version of the events,” the actress, who plays Naomi Lapaglia, explained.

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Adding, “Real life is often far crazier than things that are written on pages. So, I think it’s really clever on his behalf to let people do things realistically than do it the cinematic way. And it ends up being so cinematic. I mean his work is so ironically cinematic. I think it is genius.”

Jonah also opened up about one of the movie’s raunchier scenes, where his character pleasures himself at the sight of Margot’s character.

“I just showed up and there was a prosthetic there,” he said of filming the solo sex scene.

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“I wouldn’t call it fun, but it was, you know it was interesting… this stuff really happened, so you gotta treat it [as] real and the person who does that is not necessarily the most stable person on the planet,” he said of his character.

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