Would Zac Efron Go Full Frontal?

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Will The Little Efron Ever Appear On The Big Screen?: Zac Efron is not shy about showing off his body on the big screen – audiences have seen his chest and abs numerous times and in “That Awkward Moment” his backside was prominently displayed. Now, with a recent phallic-themed Comedy Central video, where his manhood is discussed at length (see what we did there?), and a scene in “Neighbors” where he engages in a sex toy duel with Seth Rogen, it’s only natural that someone asked the actor the question everyone is dying to know (but maybe afraid to admit) – Zac will you ever go full frontal on the big screen? “Full frontal? I don’t know, man,” he told E! News. “This movie (‘Neighbors’) makes me concerned because they could probably get me to do anything if they ask. Who knows? I’m not going to say yes or no yet.” So for the record… he didn’t rule it out. [E!]

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And Speaking Of Zac’s Manhood: Seth Rogen has seen it, well, some of it. In their Comedy Central video, Seth refers to Zac’s junk as “beautiful” and “gorgeous” and that even parts of his nether regions “have a six-pack.” So Seth, just how much have you laid your eyes on? “I’ve seen like the root of it but not the rest,” the actor told E! News. “The base, just the base.” [E!]

And In Some News About The Efrons Of Another Era: The New Kids on the Block are going on a cruise with herds of crazed fans in TVGN’s new reality series, “Rock This Boat: NKOTB.” The eight-episode series will chronicle what happens when you put a boy band on a boat with their fans (who apparently can’t let go of their teen years or cassette singles) for one week… what could possibly go wrong other than ship-wide foodborne illness, mutiny, icebergs… fans brawling about who gets to play shuffleboard with Joey McIntyre? [TVGN]

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If That Last News Item Didn’t Make You Feel Old Enough, This Might!: “Mean Girls” is 10 years old! Access takes a look back to a simpler time when a pre-rehab Lindsay Lohan walked the red carpet (looking rather orange) and Rachel McAdams had yet to lock lips with a rain-soaked Ryan Gosling… so who looks most fetch a decade later? [AccessHollywood.com]

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