Zac Efron On His Future In Action Movies, Doing Broadway & Hair Tips

Zac Efron wants to do an action movie – but he doesn’t want it to be “weird.”

“I would love to try an action film at some point, but not too soon. I think that can be a kiss of death,” he said in an interview with TIME magazine where he took fan questions. “There’s got to be a real role that I can bring something unique and specific to, a way for me to do it believably. Until then, I think it would just come across as weird.”

The young star, who’ll take the screen next in “Me and Orson Welles,” due November 25, also dished on how he keeps his fabulous mop so perfectly disheveled.

“I’ve never told anyone this before. This is a hair scoop,” Zac explained. “Shower before you go to bed, and then sleep on your wet hair. Towel-dry it. In the morning, it’s all messed up naturally. If you have that messed-up thing going when you wake up, it’s more willing to stay that way. That’s Zac’s hair tip.”

And while he and his hair may be ready for action, Zac added that he’d love to go back to school – and try Broadway.

“I know at some point I will go back and study [in college],” he said. “But at this point I’m definitely focusing on working as hard as I can on film… I’ve always wanted to [do Broadway]. I would want to make sure it’s something special.”

In the meantime, Zac’s still looking for challenges in the movie world.

“Would I go watch this movie? That’s probably first thing I think about. The second is, What’s the challenge? What’s the risk?” he said, adding “Me and Orson Welles” helped him grow. “There wasn’t a particular skill set I could fall back on, like singing or dancing or basketball. So I was forced to grow in other areas. The other actors in the movie are all incredibly accomplished, and I didn’t want to disappoint.”

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