Zendaya’s Dancing With The Stars Blog: Striving Hard For A Perfect Score

I can’t believe it’s already Thursday and I am learning two new dances this week!! Wow, time has been flying by! So let me talk a little about last week’s dances. It was really a stressful week as I look back on it. The Paso Doble is such an intense and dramatic dance that it really took a lot out of me! Every movement, hand placement and yes, Len, even my chin position, was scrutinized by Val and perfected down to the very last second of practice. I came out on Monday night and really felt every movement and breath of that dance. Honestly, I was disappointed when I looked back at it because I didn’t achieve my goal of perfection in the eyes of the judges. But I was happy and I enjoyed myself… .and in the end, that’s what this is about! That’s not to say that I won’t work even harder this week to achieve that elusive 10-10-10!!

The little challenge thingy was very stressful as well!! We really prepared all the dances, but in particular didn’t want to dance the Rumba… but if the teams had a strategy in this challenge, they might have decided to do the Rumba against us because we hadn’t danced that one before. Val and I knew from the start that we were going to go against whoever was standing that we considered to be the best… because as Val said, you have to challenge the best to be the best!! In the end, we got to do the Jive and I was VERY relieved!! When I got out there, I was really feelin’ it (I think the shoes helped me)!! I absolutely LOVE Jacoby… he is another big brother to me!!

I can’t write a blog without thanking everyone who supports me in this journey, especially those who take the time to vote for me. I am humbled by this experience and I am working harder than I ever thought possible to be worthy of your votes!

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And a quick update on my Grandmother, who, as you all know from Week 3, was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is doing well and about to have a second surgery this Friday. She tells me that ‘Dancing with the Stars’ helps her so much, and watching me dance keeps her positive and focused on healing. Thank you for all the well wishes and prayers that you have sent out to the universe for my grandmother and keep her in your thoughts this Friday as she undergoes a 2nd, and hopefully final, surgery.

-- Zendaya

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