Malibu Country’s Sara Rue Talks Impending Motherhood

There was no need for big, bulky sweaters, laundry baskets or gigantic purses. Timing turned out to be perfect for “Malibu Country” star Sara Rue. Producers decided to work her pregnancy into the new ABC comedy.

“The writers actually impregnated me — all of them,” Sara joked during my visit to the show’s set on Thursday.

“No,” she clarified. “I’m married and we have been trying and so timing is what timing is and you can’t plan these things.

“But they have been great,” she added, of the show’s producers. “It’s being written in for the character and I think it’s kind of a great thing for this trophy wife. She’s probably the last person in this world who should have a child. So I think it will be pretty funny.”

This is the first child for Sara and her husband Kevin Price. The baby is due in just a couple of months but they are keeping mum on if it’s a boy or girl.

“I feel pretty good. I have my moments where sometimes I am like ‘Oh I need to sit down,’ which is a bummer if you are in the middle of scene. Yesterday there was a foot pressing on my bladder all day long and it was a challenge!”

Sara is doing her best to stay healthy through pregnancy thanks to the meal delivery service Paleta, which is also being used by some of the “Dancing with the Stars” competitors and pros this season.

“They bring it to my house every night and it’s like organic and healthy and I try to stick to that, but then inevitably craft service gets to me pretty much every day,” she said.

Of course, I tried to explain it’s OK to cheat a little while you are pregnant.

“You don’t want to put a bunch of junk in your body because you know you are just giving that to your baby,” Sara mused. “So it’s like, mitigating [things] and trying to find the right level of feeling like you are indulging a little, but not doing anything bad for the baby.”

Sara admitted to some nerves about her impending arrival, but said she mostly is just excited for her new bundle of joy.

“I think I am regular nerves as anybody would be. As long as my husband and I are together and everyone is happy and healthy that’s really the most important thing,” she said.

“Malibu Country” airs Friday nights on ABC.

-- Laura Saltman

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