Kellan Lutz On Handling Stratospheric Twilight Fame: 'I Don't Care To Be...

Kellan Lutz On Handling Stratospheric Twilight Fame: 'I Don't Care To Be Famous'

Kellan Lutz chats on Access Hollywood Live about his breakout role in “The Twilight Saga.” Is it true he was considered to play Edward Cullen? How did he handle the “Twilight” fame? Plus, why does Kellan call himself an “outdoorsy guy”? And, why does he say he doesn’t spend a lot of time online? His new film, “Hercules: The Legend Begins,” opens January 10, 2014.

Let's pretend you are fighting. I have to good for that move. Kellen working the bare part technique with shaun at her request. Twilight "new moon". Twilight "new moon"was the big estanof opening in the history of unseated by the hunger games catching fire. Were you watching those. I saw the first one. I'm a huge fan. Twilight. Is it true you were going to be edward. No I was never going to be edward. Rumor out 30. I read the script and the role didn't -- I just didn't care to entertain it. I was in africa and being there for seven months I wanted to play a happy role or new role for a little bit so I didn't care to audition for it because he was a bit moody. Emotionally challenge. Then I love emmet. The character of emmet and so blessed to have been able to do that. The way these things it made so much money so successful few years down the road. Revisit the whole thing and come become and do some more business. I'm not done. Reunion. Is that something would you do? Any conversations about it? Not that I have heard. I mean, I love everyone. I loved working with everyone and loved my role and would love to play emmet again or even another role in it. You have to play it quickly he can't aichblingt you can't play in in 20 years. You grew up in north dakota. A.I. View about up in arizona. What girls came out of the wood work because this film catapulted you. Emmet loved everybody who did you hear from came out of your childhood wanting to get close to this between trial took off. I don't use facebook. I have them but never really on my computer. Always out doors. I'm an out doors guy so I haven't heard from too many people and I not too many people. Dickinson, north dakota. What goes on there. A little hunting. A little big game. A lot of hunting. A lot of farming. Own orange vest and do a little big game hunting. Do I shooting an do I shooting and bow hunting. My grandfather is in iowa so has a lot of land and then texas. There's a lot of boar that shouldn't be there. Those are men. They are. They are. Do you know how to farm. Oh, yes. Agree stuff. Do you grow anything anything out here in california. I wish I was here long enough to be able to grow something or have a little garden but pivb so busy traveling the world. A little farmer. Is it boring at all or what did you do? My wife comes in the house we go riding around. What did you do on friday. Ride around in the truck. Ride around places. No. In arizona where I grew up most of my life we had the mud pit. I take my truck. I had truck and flood and take the park out there. Where the cops couldn't find you and bonfire and do nut everywhere. What have you learned in hollywood here about being famous? Did you make an adjustment? Have you like when the twilight thing exploded fame. You really have to. I think to me I have always had a good head on my shoulders thanks to my mother and but I lost myself. Maybe for three months when you start to believe all the smoke and mirror and part of something that is going to change the world and I had no idea this twilight was a book, book franchise or anything like that so you get into it and then luckily I was like this is just this is just funny and fame. I don't care to be famous. I fell into acting. I take it very serious and I respect it. That's why it's such a blessing to play a role like hercules because I love playing hercules and people like it or if they don't, I know how hardy worked on it and I am very proud of it and that's all I can go home to. That's how I sleep at it and don't matter what, you knowdon't matter what, you know, people think of me. How many award I have won. I love my life. I'm very hankful for it. What do you mean you fell in it for three months. What did you do. Did you go wild. No people telling you to check out google or some web sites and again like I said I'm barely on the computerment I have a cell phone but I use it for more camera and music than searching my name. I think it's very destructive because you can read 100 comments and one bad one and just turn your day around and work with that cast and the see the female on the movie who would do that the first year for the clarification. You see the sadness because some bad comment about fans not liking them playing a certain role and we all try to be there. Craziest things are said. Look to ben affleck announcelook to ben affleck announcing. Adore at the oscars. Acting is tough. A not the easiest thing. People think it's easy to get a role. Let alone. We are in an industry where you are told no one million times before you get the yes. Already it's crushing on your spirit a lot of times. So really have to be in it for the right reasons and stick to it and have the patience but like you said it's not easy. I can't wait to see ben play. Batman come on. He will be good. What about the lead real quick. Do you think down the road, do you picture a fellow famous wife or actress because you connect on that level, certainly. Or maybe you know, like a not famous person. I want my wife to b I want my wife to be my biggest fan and I want to be the biggest fan to my wife. Don't matter what area they are in or what industry as long as we have support, love, understanding everything. We are partners. He's good looking and that nice. I'm dying in here. Dying over here.