Casting Call: Brad Pitt On The Prowl For A ‘Tiger’

Brad Pitt has his eye on a “Tiger.” Dave Annable might be Anna Faris’ magic “Number.” Plus, Colin Farrell watches his wealth dry up in a day. It’s all in the latest edition of the Casting Call…

Brad Pitt may soon be spinning a “Tiger” tale at the box office.

Brad is teaming up with director Darren Aronofsky (“The Wrestler”) for the adventure thriller “The Tiger,” according to Variety.

Not only will the duo serve as co-producers, but the star could also potentially star in the film.

Based on the upcoming nonfiction book by John Vaillant, “The Tiger” is set in Siberia where continuous human expansion is threatening the tigers’ habitat, causing one of the beasts to begin tracking the locals with an almost supernatural power.

A conservationist (presumably the character Brad would play) must then take it upon himself to hunt down the tiger.

Brad, who last appeared in 2009’s critically acclaimed “Inglourious Basterds,” has two films awaiting release – the drama “The Tree of Life” with Sean Penn, and the animated movie “Megamind,” which features the voices of Brad, Tina Fey, Ben Stiller, Will Ferrell and more.


“Brothers & Sisters” heartthrob Dave Annable might just be the man Anna Faris is looking for.

Annable is in talks to join the romantic comedy “What’s Your Number,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The film stars Faris as a woman who hits her self-imposed sexual limit of 20 men, and then decides to go back and find the other 19 guys with the hope she overlooked “the one.”

Chris Evans, Andy Samberg and Joel McHale also star in the film, which begins filming later this month.

Annable would step in to replace fellow TV star Matt Bomer (USA’s “White Collar”), who had to drop out due to a scheduling conflict with his series.

“Number” would mark the first film for the actor – who plays Justin Walker on “Brothers & Sisters” — since 2004’s “Little Black Book” with Brittany Murphy.


Colin Farrell is about to squander a fortune – all in one day.

The actor, along with beauty Marion Cotillard, will star in “Cosmopolis,” an adaptation of the Don DeLillo novel, reports Variety.

Farrell will play a Manhattan millionaire financial manager who, over the course of a day – most of which, he is stuck in traffic in his limo, watches his entire fortune evaporate in the global economy.

Cotillard will play his wife in the film, which will begin shooting in March 2011 in New York and Toronto.

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